Top Gun 3 Is In Development Now

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Top Gun 3 Is In Development Now | Tom Cruise Returning

Top Gun 3: A new installment of one of Tom Cruise’s prominent film series is in development. Puck News recently disclosed that Top Gun 3 is underway, featuring Cruise reprising his role. Miles Teller and Glen Powell from Top Gun: Maverick are also returning. The report suggests that Ehren Kruger, a co-writer of Maverick, is currently crafting the script. Producers Jerry Bruckheimer and David Ellison and director Joseph Kosinski are likely on board. While Paramount Pictures hasn’t officially confirmed this, the report hints at Top Gun 3 being Cruise’s next project following Mission: Impossible 8.


Shortly after news broke about Tom Cruise’s collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery, where he will be collaborating with Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy of Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group to create original and franchise feature films, reports suggest a potential impact on his schedule. Depending on how Cruise’s commitments align, there’s speculation that the projects with Warner Bros. might face delays. It will possibly extend into late 2025 or beyond.

About Top Gun 3


Following the success of Top Gun: Maverick, there has been widespread speculation about the potential development of a third film. Jerry Bruckheimer has been consistently elusive about confirming this possibility. However, director Joseph Kosinski has dropped hints in the past, suggesting that there is indeed more to explore.

“Is there another story that is compelling enough that we need to go back?” Kosinski asked. “It seems to me at the end of this film that Maverick has some gas left in the tank. He’s not settling down.” 

Mission: Impossible 8 About


Mission: Impossible 8 will likely introduce 2023’s Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One, where Tom Cruise’s character, Ethan Hunt, confronts a particularly personal adversary. In late autumn last year, the release of Mission: Impossible 8 was pushed back to 2025.

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“When I came up with the title, I knew it applied more to Part Two than it did to Part One, which is why it eventually settled on being Part One and Part Two,” director Christopher McQuarrie explained in a previous interview with Light the Fuse.

“The title for the first movie was nearly … a title that referred to something like a Ghost Protocol kind of thing, it was a government policy – It wasn’t a government policy, it was a government, what would you call it? A government measure of last resort, with catastrophic consequences. By the time we got to the end of Part One, that had distilled down into an entirely different set of circumstances that appear in Part Two and not in Part One. So, the word would no longer have been appropriate for the title of Part One.”


“And yet, Dead Reckoning didn’t really apply as well to Part One as well as it did to Part Two until we started to play with the beginning of the movie, and kind of recognize that Dead Reckoning, while it sounded cool, what did it really have to do with the movie?” McQuarrie continued. “And over the course of our, really starting to dig down into the arc of the character journey for Ethan [Hunt], it took on deeper and deeper meanings as we went. And you’ll see just how thematic and how it represents, how it’s conceptually represented in every character’s journey in this film we’re in.”

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