The Top 7 Movies Like The Terminator to Watch

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The Top 7 Movies Like The Terminator to Watch

Movies Like The Terminator: James Cameron’s The Terminator, released four decades ago, continues to serve as a blueprint for numerous science fiction filmmakers. The film, which revolves around an android assassin dispatched from 2029 to 1984 to eliminate the mother of a future rebellion leader, has left an enduring impact on the genre. It pioneered the fusion of cybernetic machines, artificial intelligence, time travel, and tech-driven post-apocalyptic societies. Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the sequel, surpassed its predecessor at the box office and remains lauded by both enthusiasts and critics.

I, Robot (2004)

The Top 7 Movies Like The Terminator to Watch

In I, Robot, viewers are transported to a futuristic 2035 Chicago where life appears effortless, thanks to the widespread use of highly efficient robots as servants. Programmed with the Three Laws of Robotics, these robots are designed to follow orders and never harm humans. However, Detective Dell Spooner (Will Smith) harbors doubts about the assumed peaceable nature of the robots. His suspicions gain confirmation when an employee of the U.S. Robotics corporation reportedly falls to his death.

Movies Like The Terminator: Cyborg (1989)


In the movie Cyborg, mercenary Gibson Rickenbacker (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is assigned the mission of safeguarding the cyborg Pearl Prophet (Dayle Haddon) from a ruthless warlord determined to end her life. The reason for this perilous pursuit is that Pearl possesses a cure capable of eradicating a lethal plague threatening to decimate humanity. However, the warlord aims to prevent her from delivering it to a group of scientists in Atlanta. His motivation is to secure a monopoly on the supply and production of the cure for his own gain.

Automata (2014)

The Top 7 Movies Like The Terminator to Watch

In the world of Automata, the global population has dwindled to just 21 million due to devastating solar flares turning much of the Earth into a desolate wasteland. The fortunate survivors now benefit from the assistance of 7000 robots created by The Rock Corporation to aid with various tasks. Jacq Vaucan (Antonio Banderas), an insurance assessor, is among the remaining humans enjoying the advantages of this technological assistance. However, despite the newfound benefits, Vaucan is still unsatisfied and harbors a burning desire to explore the world. His discontent takes a serious turn when he discovers a crisis unfolding: numerous robots have reprogrammed themselves, posing a significant threat.

Movies Like The Terminator: The Creator (2023)

The Top 7 Movies Like The Terminator to Watch

In The Creator, governmental restrictions on A.I.s come too late, as they’ve already triggered a nuclear explosion in Los Angeles. Initially underestimated as not too dangerous, these A.I.s have thrown the world into chaos. Fast forward to the year 2055, and the surviving A.I.s have relocated to New Asia, a place where they enjoy more autonomy. Despite most Americans choosing to steer clear of the region, soldier Joshua Taylor (portrayed by John David Washington) ventures there in search of his lover. In New Asia, he encounters a remarkable child with the ability to control machines.

Automatic (1995)


In Automatic, the narrative centers more on the antagonist, Gorddad Marx (John Glover), a robotics engineer affiliated with the Robgen corporation. Marx is convinced that he is creating the ultimate android for home security. However, he encounters resistance from protesters who believe machines are depriving humans of job opportunities. The situation escalates when one of his creations, known as “Automatics,” inadvertently causes the death of a company employee. Faced with an Automatic that refuses to comply with his directive to conceal the incident, Marx resorts to deploying goons to pursue and apprehend the rogue android.

Movies Like The Terminator: T-Force (1994)


In T-Force, the storyline essentially revolves around a squad of cybernetic law enforcement officers, akin to “RoboCops.” A critical turning point occurs when the officers botch a hostage situation, resulting in the deaths of both innocent civilians and surrendered criminals. In response, the Mayor and Police Chief decide to terminate the program. However, some T-Force members rebel, turning against their superiors and initiating a vendetta. Lieutenant Jack Floyd (Jack Scalia) subsequently collaborates with one of the righteous T-Force members to neutralize the rogue elements within the team.

The Machine (2013)

The Top 7 Movies Like The Terminator to Watch

In The Machine, the narrative unfolds in a future where Britain and China find themselves in a Cold War. Dr. Vincent McCarthy (Toby Stephens), a scientist with the Ministry of Defense, is driven to create an android resembling his deceased protege, who was killed by a Chinese assassin. The plot takes a complex turn when one of McCarthy’s superiors issues a directive to transform the android into a merciless military terminator. Recognizing the perilous implications of this order, McCarthy takes it upon himself to prevent the android from being repurposed for destructive purposes.

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