The 5 Best Episodes of the Lucifer Series

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Best Episodes of the Lucifer Series: Mike Carey’s DC comic book series served as the inspiration for Fox’s 2016 Lucifer television series premiere. Fox attempted to terminate the show in 2018 following its third season because of low ratings. Nevertheless, an internet petition started by fans requested that the programme be transferred to a new network. As a result, Netflix released two more seasons of Season 4 after its 2019 premiere.

Tom Ellis portraying the devil himself, Lucifer, leads an exploration of biblical allusions mixed with fictitious assertions about Lucifer’s stint in Los Angeles. There are several episodes of the Lucifer series that could become fan favourites. Nonetheless, out of the 93 episodes in the series, these 5 are some of the greatest.

List of the Best Episodes of the Lucifer Series:

5. Lucifer Series: Season 6, Episode 4: “Pin the Tail on the Daddy”

best episodes of the lucifer series

Finding out that Dan was in hell because of his guilt was one of the biggest surprises of Lucifer Season 5. The early episodes of Season 6 mostly centre on assisting Dan in reaching heaven. He is irritated since, although being visible to everyone, only Lucifer can see him. There is much more to Lucifer’s problems than merely handling Dan’s predicament. Rory, his daughter, challenges him to acknowledge her as his own, and they debate about who is the real daughter.

To substantiate Rory’s accusations, Lucifer and Chloe track down every woman he has had sexual relations with. It is revealed at the end of the episode that Lucifer would truly share his true daughter with Chloe, not the one he claimed to be a daughter.

4. Lucifer Series – Season 3, Episode 24: “A Devil of My Word”


“A Devil of My Word” culminates with Chloe learning the truth about Lucifer’s identity. Marcus, also known as Caine, confronts the two, and they both fall into his trap. Chloe gets shot by Marcus and his men and goes unconscious. But Lucifer protects them both from the gunfire with his wings. When Chloe wakes up, Lucifer is standing over a dead Marcus and all of Marcus’ soldiers have perished. She can’t believe her eyes when she sees Lucifer’s genuine face—the one he gave himself.

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3. Season 2, Episode 11: “Stewardess Interuptus”


The largest teaser episode of the show is “Stewardess Interruptus.” Chloe and Lucifer go on a date and nearly get together. But then a woman from Lucifer’s past interrupts them. Mazikeen tries to comfort Lucifer and support him while the crew proceeds with a routine case. At the end of the episode, Lucifer shares with Chloe a revelation he has made. She should be with someone who deserves her, he tells her, since she is too good for him. On the beach, the two kiss each other.

2. Lucifer Series – Season 6, Episode 7: “My Best Friend’s Wedding”

Every character on Lucifer goes through a great deal of development. However, Mazikeen is one person you can’t help but support. She begins as Lucifer’s right-hand man and a soulless demon. She develops relationships with other people throughout the course of the series and comes to terms with her identity apart from Lucifer.

Maze is taken aback by Adam’s decision to cancel the wedding, even though he was supposed to marry Eve. Although her obstinacy and rage nearly force the wedding to be called off, their love ultimately prevails. It is revealed to Mazikeen that a few of her siblings end up attending the wedding and are supportive of her. Two of the best LGBTQ+ characters on TV are Mazikeen and Eve, and Lucifer’s favourite weddings ever.

1. Lucifer Series: Season 4, Episode 3: “O, Ye of Little Faith Father”


“O, Ye of Little Faith Father” presents Eve, a pivotal figure in the story. Chloe’s emotions rise as a result of her presence, which also touches on one of the most notorious events in the Bible. Eve claims that she came to see Lucifer because she was bored with Adam in heaven. Eve is initially seen humorously sipping an apple martini.

A major theme of the episode is Father Kinley’s scheme to eliminate Lucifer. Kinley continues to pursue Lucifer and wants to return him to hell. But Lucifer finds out that Chloe visited him after discovering him for the first time. Eve is attacked by Lucifer as he feels betrayed by Chloe. Father Kinley is taken into custody by Chloe, but Lucifer objects that he is upset with her for seeking counsel to betray him.

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Lucifer: The 5 Best Episodes of the Series
Lucifer: The 5 Best Episodes of the Series