Surge In Flu And Covid Cases Sparks Concern For Christmas In The UK

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Flu and Covid cases rise in the UK : What about Christmas?

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Covid Cases: Up and down the country people are looking forward to gathering for Christmas, but it appears many may end up with an unwanted gift. The gift being The Flu.

According to data from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), there has been a sharp increase in flu levels in England, with analysis of the latest data from sentinel laboratories – based on samples collected from primary and secondary care – revealing a rise in influenza positivity from 2.4% to 5.6% in the space of a week.


What is the state of the flu right now?

In England, the flu, often known as influenza, is becoming more common. The UKHSA’s most recent report, covering the week from December 4–10, states that, in comparison to the previous week, the number of consultations for influenza-like illnesses in primary care increased from 4.6 to 5.3 per 100,000.

Hospitalisations due to influenza have also increased, as have visits to the emergency room and admissions to intensive care due to influenza.

The analysis does, however, indicate that although increasing, this activity is still within baseline or low-impact norms at the moment.

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What about Covid Cases?

Levels of COVID are also rising. Although the national influenza and Covid-19 surveillance report shows an increase in case rates and positivity in pillar one (mainly hospital testing), with a slight increase in Covid hospitalizations, the UKHSA has postponed the release of its winter Covid infection survey results for England and Scotland.

How to Distinguish Between Flu and Covid Symptoms?

Covid Cases

You would need to get tested to be certain because both can be extremely uncomfortable and have similar symptoms, such as fever and exhaustion. It is difficult to distinguish between flu and covid. Problems with the sense of smell and taste is more common in covid while muscle pain is more common in flu.

In order to protect themselves from serious illness, public health experts have encouraged everyone eligible for Covid or flu shots on the NHS to make sure they get vaccinated.

The UKHSA’s director of immunization and programs, Dr. Mary Ramsay, stated that although the NHS’s nationwide booking system was now closed, individuals who qualified for vaccinations may continue discuss vaccinations with their general practitioner or pharmacist.

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UK Christmas Faces Challenges Amid Rising Flu and Covid Cases: Stay Informed
UK Christmas Faces Challenges Amid Rising Flu and Covid Cases: Stay Informed