Strategy for Nicotine Addiction, Read Now

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Nicotine Addiction: A press release from Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research (SRIHER) states that a group of researchers from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the institute have discovered a novel strategy to address nicotine addiction and the health problems it is linked to.


The study sheds light on the effectiveness of ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, at a particular dose in turning cotinine back into nicotine in smokers’ plasma. It was published in the indexed journal “Advances in Redox Research.”

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Nicotine Addiction

Whenever they are tempted to smoke, the smoker should lay the dissolvable film on their tongue. This discovery has the potential to both directly address the health hazards associated with current therapeutic techniques and change the treatment of nicotine addiction.

When nicotine is broken down, it produces cotinine, an oxidative metabolite that has been connected to a number of deadly diseases, including cancer. The body can hold onto cotinine for a few weeks. The problem that the researchers found with traditional nicotine replacement therapy is that it unintentionally causes cotinine to build up more.


In response, the group created a method that uses ascorbic acid (vitamin C), a reducing agent, to convert cotinine back into nicotine. Smokers’ plasma contains a large amount of cotinine, the amount of which varies according to how much tobacco is consumed.

Generally speaking, the body stores 80% of nicotine as cotinine and excretes the remaining 20% through urine. Once more, the converted nicotine is transformed to 80% cotinine, of which 20% is removed. After a few cycles, the body may contain 0% cotinine if this cycle is continued. According to the statement, the number of cycles needed for the total elimination of nicotine deposits varies depending on an individual’s prior nicotine usage.

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Discover the Latest Breakthrough: Innovative Strategy Unveiled to Address Nicotine Addiction and Health Risks!
Discover the Latest Breakthrough: Innovative Strategy Unveiled to Address Nicotine Addiction and Health Risks!