Stop Smoking: These 5 Foods And Drinks Can Help You

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Stop Smoking: Despite the NHS’s many stop smoking campaigns, 47% of British smokers reported difficulty quitting in 2023. This is due to the fact that smoking is an addiction that is very difficult to kick. In addition to smokeless options like nicotine gum, patches, and pouches, Haypp’s Markus Lindblad, a specialist in nicotine retailing, says that adding specific foods and beverages to your diet can also aid in your smoking cessation.

Nor are they what you might expect. Actually, Lindblad promotes eating cheese as a way to quit smoking, and as cheese is bought by 98% of British households, we believe he may be onto something here.

Foods And Drinks that Can Help You Stop Smoking


Stop smoking

Lindblad claims that since dairy products are supposed to make cigarettes taste worse, include cheese in your diet to reduce your desires for smokes. The next time you’re craving something, he suggested getting some cheese, drinking some milk, or maybe having some yoghurt. According to Lindblad, doing this can not only lessen cravings but also make you detest cigarettes.

Stop Smoking with Ginseng Tea


Although ginseng, an earthy, warming tea from Korea, is primarily recognised for its ability to increase energy, it can also lessen the negative effects that nicotine has on the body. According to Lindblad, cutting back on smoking is essential since the less of an impact nicotine has on your body, the less enticing it is to smoke.



It’s likely that if you’ve tried quitting smoking, you’ve gone through severe appetite pangs and become a compulsive snackers. Because it’s low in calories and helps you feel filled for longer, Lindblad recommends salted popcorn as a great snack to have when attempting to stop.

Cinnamon Sticks


Although these aren’t the most traditional snack, Lindblad claims that the instantaneous spicy hit from cinnamon sticks immediately suppresses cravings and that keeping the stick in your hand will aid in the habit’s psychological break. This helps smokers to stop smoking.

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Sugar-free Gum


Lastly, Lindblad claims that sugar-free gum or mints are the most effective ways to stifle urges. These keep your tongue occupied when you’re needing a cigarette, and the minty aftertaste makes it likely that you won’t crave another one for some time. Keep in mind that sugar is necessary because it is believed to improve the flavour of smokes!

Milk Can Help You Stop Smoking

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When a craving strikes, go for a glass of milk rather than a smoke. In an investigation that was written up in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research, scientists questioned 209 smokers about the foods that enhance or diminish the flavour of cigarettes. Dairy products are at the top of the list of things that make cigarettes taste worse.


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It’s common for quitting to result in weight gain, so you should definitely pay attention to what you eat. This is the reason why: You might discover that eating keeps your hands and mouth busy and replaces smokes. Furthermore, you might have grown accustomed to nicotine’s appetite-suppressing and metabolism-boosting properties. According to Fiore, “those two factors cause people to generally weigh a little less when they smoke than when they stop.” The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that weight gain and increased appetite are among the short-term withdrawal symptoms that might occur when quitting nicotine.

If the prospect of putting on a few pounds depresses you, think about including more high-fiber beans in your diet.

According to a study that was written in the Annals of Internal Medicine journal, individuals who changed their diet just once—eating more fibre, in this case—lost almost five pounds in a month. And that can be just what you need to keep your weight in check after quitting smoking. Broccoli, raspberries, oats, and artichokes are some additional foods high in fibre.

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These 5 Foods And Drinks Can Help You Stop Smoking
These 5 Foods And Drinks Can Help You Stop Smoking