Spaceman Trailer, Release, Cast, Read Now

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Spaceman Trailer, Release, All You Need to Know

Spaceman trailer is out now! Adam Sandler’s upcoming film “Spaceman,” which has been in the news since late 2020, will now premiere in 2024. The sci-fi drama adventure, based on Jaroslav Kalfař’s 2017 novel “Spaceman of Bohemia,” stars Sandler as Jakub, an astronaut sent on a space mission. Directed by Johan Renck, known for “Chernobyl,” and written by Colby Day, the film follows Jakub as he encounters an ancient creature that has stowed away on his ship. Described as “an intergalactic odyssey of love, ambition, and self-discovery,” the movie marks a departure for Sandler into the realm of dramatic sci-fi.

Spaceman Trailer, Release, All You Need to Know

Whether you’re a dedicated Adam Sandler enthusiast or simply enjoy sci-fi adventures, “Spaceman” seems poised to be a movie worth anticipating. As the film is ready to arrive next year, this article provides comprehensive details offering insights into what to expect from “Spaceman.” Check out the Spaceman trailer below.

Spaceman Trailer And Release Date

Spaceman Trailer: After prolonged speculation and delays, the release date for “Spaceman” has finally been confirmed, with the film set to premiere on Netflix on March 1, 2024. This science-fiction drama will be part of Netflix’s noteworthy 2024 film lineup, joining other titles such as “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F,” “Damsel,” “Lift,” “Rebel Moon — Part Two: The Scargiver,” and “The Old Guard 2.”

In addition to Sandler, Paul Dano and Carey Mulligan, the cast features Kunal Nayyar, Lena Olin, and Isabella Rossellini.

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Spaceman Trailer, Release, All You Need to Know

Netflix offered a brief 24-second sneak peek of “Spaceman” on December 19, 2023. The teaser features Adam Sandler as Jakub, navigating a river in the midst of a forest, suggesting a scene from another planet. While the sneak peek doesn’t reveal much, it provides a glimpse into the atmospheric and visually intriguing elements of the film. We also hear narration from Paul Dano’s character who says: “Just like you, I fled my planet. Through galaxies, through black holes, through time. And then I found you.”

Netflix unveiled the official trailer for “Spaceman” on January 16, 2024, offering a more detailed glimpse into the film’s storyline. The trailer provides a clearer understanding of what audiences can expect from the movie, showcasing key aspects such as the plot, characters, and overall atmosphere.

Official Synopsis

Spaceman Trailer, Release, All You Need to Know

Six months into a solitary research mission to the edge of the solar system, an astronaut, Jakub (Adam Sandler), realizes that the marriage he left behind might not be waiting for him when he returns to Earth. Desperate to fix things with his wife, Lenka (Carey Mulligan), he is helped by a mysterious creature from the beginning of time he finds hiding in the bowels of his ship. Hanuš (voiced by Paul Dano) works with Jakub to make sense of what went wrong before it is too late.

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