Solo Leveling Removes Studio from Post-Credits

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Recently, the Solo Leveling anime, which was causing a stir among fans of the genre, was the target of harsh criticism. The animation company responsible for the anime’s memorable opening theme, company PPURI, is at the centre of the issue. Let’s examine what transpired and its significance.

Studio PPURI out, credits shake-up:


When Korean fans complained that Studio PPURI was listed in the anime’s credits, the commotion started. The studio was swiftly shut down as a result, putting Solo Levelling in the public eye for all the wrong reasons.

Why did Solo Leveling remove Studio PPURI from post-credits?


Allegations surfaced that Studio PPURI was using “anti-men” gestures in its artwork. As the studio’s relationship to the feminist organisation Megalia—which is well-known for exposing misogynistic behaviour online—became apparent, the uproar grew more intense. Their movement’s emblem, “🤏,” provoked criticism because of its connotations for Korean penis sizes.

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Financial fallout: Stock woes for D&C Media:


D&C Media, Solo Leveling’s publishers, were impacted by the choice to exclude Studio PPURI from the credits. It was rumoured that the decision was motivated by both financial considerations and fan backlash. On January 15, D&C Media’s shares saw a sharp loss of more than 6%, sparking concerns about the potential effects of these incidents on the business.

Solo Leveling Opening’s global success vs. local fallout:

In spite of the instability at home, Solo Leveling’s debut attracted enormous attention worldwide. With more than two million views, the opening quickly gained popularity in Japan and elsewhere. Due of the anime’s initial success, it was compared to famous events such as the Gear 5 episode of One Piece.

Insider insights on industry dynamics:

The dynamics of the Japanese anime industry were clarified by an insider, who highlighted that international firms such as Studio PPURI were on level with big Japanese animation studios. This realisation casts doubt on how the business treats foreign animators, adding another level of controversy to the debate.

Where to watch Solo Leveling?


Solo Levelling is still going strong on Crunchyroll, where it can be found in both dubbed and subbed versions. The show centres on Sung Jinwoo, the weakest hunter in the world, who, during a near-fatal encounter in a high-ranking dungeon, gets remarkable powers.

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Solo Leveling removes studio from post-credits for being ‘anti-men’ after facing backlash
Solo Leveling removes studio from post-credits for being ‘anti-men’ after facing backlash