Shrinking Season 2 Release, Cast, Plot, All You Need Know

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Shrinking Season 2 Release And More: The highly anticipated comedy sensation Shrinking on Apple TV+, starring the talented combination of Harrison Ford and Jason Segel, is scheduled to return for a second season. In Shrinking, Segel plays therapist Jimmy Laird, who is mourning the loss of his wife. Because of this, he unintentionally alters his patients’ lives by providing them with alternative forms of care, like sharing his candid opinions about life. Read more about Shrinking Season 2 release, cast, and more.

Shrinking Season 2 Release


Apple TV+ revealed in March 2023 that Shrinking has been given a second season renewal.

Co-created by Brett Goldstein, Bill Lawrence, and Jason Segel, the series was highly praised by both reviewers and fans, garnering an 87% audience score and a 91% critic approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The head of programming at Apple TV+, Matt Cherniss, gave the comedy series high marks, stating that it “has been wonderful to watch.”

The exact date of Season 2’s Apple TV+ premiere is yet unknown. The first season of filming for the show started in April 2022 and ended in August of the same year. January 2023 saw the Apple TV+ debut of it.

If the production follows the same timeline as the first season, which would mean that filming already started in January 2024, it might conclude around May of that same year. Considering that Season 1 was released five months after the production end, Season 2 of Shrinking is likely to air in October 2024.

Shrinking Season 2 Cast: Who Will Return?


The majority of the cast members of Shrinking are anticipated to make a comeback.

The two main members of the returning cast are expected to be Jason Segel as Jimmy Laird and Harrison Ford as Dr. Paul Rhoades, respectively. Jessica Williams will return as Gaby as well.

Lukita Maxwell’s Alice, who is also coming back, makes sense, given that Jimmy is still attempting to mend his relationship with his daughter. Jimmy’s neighbour Liz (Christa Miller), Paul’s daughter Meg (Lily Rabe), and Jimmy’s closest buddy Brian (Michael Urie) are among the other cast members anticipated for Season 2. Grace (Heidi Gardner) is a strong contender for a Season 2 return because of her startling acts in the season finale.

shrinking season 2 release and more

Here is an overview of which actors are expected to return in Shrinking Season 2:

  • Jason Segal – Jimmy Laird
  • Harrison Ford – Paul
  • Jessica Williams – Gaby
  • Lukita Maxwell – Alice
  • Luke Tennie – Sean
  • Michael Urie – Brian
  • Christa Miller – Liz
  • Ted McGinley – Derek
  • Lily Rabe – Meg
  • Heidi Gardner – Grace
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Shrinking Season 2 Plot


The conclusion of Shrinking Season 1 had a number of unexpected developments that set up Shrinking Season 2 Plot.

When Grace threw Donny off a cliff, Season 1 ended with a significant fatality. Jimmy’s advise to stand up for herself and not put up with her husband’s abuse is what makes Grace snap at Donny. In the conclusion, will Jimmy be held accountable for Grace’s deeds? It is yet to be determined.

Co-creator of Shrinking Bill Lawrence hinted to Collider in March 2023 that the characters would not be in a courtroom during Season 2, and that Harrison Ford’s character will reveal the main concept of the sequel in the first episode. Given that moving on makes sense after grief, Season 2’s theme might be moving on.


This is in addition to the consequences that the characters’ choices from Season 1 (sorry, Grace!) will have during the second season of the show. The three-season “framework” for Shrinking was also confirmed by Lawrence in the same interview with Collider. The show’s “beginning, middle, and end” are all planned.

 Given that Season 2 picks up in the middle of the cast’s trip, some themes, such Jimmy and Alice’s ongoing discussion about repairing their father-daughter bond, Gaby’s developing feelings for Jimmy, and Paul’s tumultuous connection with his daughter. – SHRINKING SEASON 2 PLOT, CAST, RELEASE

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Shrinking Season 2: Release, Cast and Everything We Know
Shrinking Season 2: Release, Cast and Everything We Know