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Poor Things, a Searchlight production, had a limited cinema run at first before expanding over several weeks. And it has been amply rewarded as the movie’s box office receipts, following good reviews from critics, word-of-mouth, and a slew of Oscar nominations, have exploded to $68.3 million worldwide since its global premiere. The Yorgos Lanthimos-directed movie, which starred Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo, and Willem Dafoe, opened in just nine theatres in early December and had one of the greatest per-theater averages of the year. The film opened in 82 theatres during its second week, and in its third week, it was shown in 800 theatres.

After eight weeks, the movie is still doing incredibly well. The film has emerged as 2023’s highest-grossing restricted opening release. With an anticipated sales of $2.1 million, it continues to generate good profits in North America, declining by just 27% over 1,950 theatres. With this, its expected earnings to date amount $28.2 million. With eleven nominations for Oscars, Stone as the clear favourite to win Best Actress, and the event still many weeks away, the movie will probably keep riding high.


In regions where it had previously opened, Poor Things saw an astounding overall hold of -23% overseas, carrying over from the previous weekend. The movie did well in a number of important markets, including Mexico at -26%, France at -28%, Spain at -13%, Germany at -15%, Italy at -9% decline, UK and Japan at -39%, and Australia at -40%. The movie opened at number three in Brazil and made an estimated $0.5 million there. With this opening, which is +125% higher than Lanthimos’ The Favourite, Searchlight Pictures’ film is making its second-largest debut, behind only The Shape of Water.

What Is ‘Poor Things’ About?


The main character of Poor Things is Bella Baxter, a young woman who committed suicide and was resurrected by eccentric but gifted scientist Dr. Godwin Baxter. When Bella is brought back to life using the brain of her unborn child, she becomes a naive but inquisitive character who is discovering the world for the first time. The narrative chronicles her misadventures and adventures as she makes her way through a string of mishaps, romantic relationships, and social expectations, learning about her own sexuality and the power she can wield over both men and women as a result of her newfound discovery.

Alasdair Gray’s novel “Poor Things” blends science fiction, romance, and social commentary to provide a scathing look at Victorian literature and society. The novel, which is set in Glasgow, Scotland, uses a fantastical and at ridiculously humorous plot to examine topics of identity, autonomy, and the nature of mankind.

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‘Poor Things’ Explodes Overseas at Global Box Office
‘Poor Things’ Explodes Overseas at Global Box Office