Palworld Gets New Steam Update, Read Now

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Palworld Gets New Update Read Now

Palworld players received a recent update on Thursday for the Steam edition, but the Xbox console version did not receive the same update. Unlike previous updates that seemed less impactful, this time, the Palworld update (Version v01.4.0 for Steam) brings a substantial list of fixes and improvements. Despite lacking significant balance adjustments or new features mentioned in the roadmap, this update focuses solely on addressing bugs.

For those enjoying Palworld on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, or the non-Steam PC version, the update will take a bit longer to arrive. The developers, Pocketpair, stated in the patch notes that the “Xbox version v0.1.1.3 will be released as soon as it is ready.” This staggered release is consistent with the previous rollout pattern for Palworld patches on Steam and Xbox.

Palworld Major Fixes

  • Corrected an issue causing the game to crash in specific circumstances.
  • Resolved a problem where capturing another player’s pal/base pal with HP at 30% or lower was possible using a sphere.
  • Fixed an occurrence where enemy pals would become trapped in walls due to charge attacks.
  • Implemented the initial fix for an ongoing problem where the game consistently crashed and led to corrupted save data when the guild’s total number of captured pals approached 7000.
  • The game now avoids crashing even when the total number of captured objects exceeds 7000. However, saved data already in this state before this update remains unable to load. We are actively working on a permanent solution for this issue.

Key Configuration

  • Included compatibility for mouse side keys and the numeric keypad within the keyboard key configuration.
  • Ongoing enhancements are in the works, including plans for additional improvements like the integration of interact key configuration support.

Player Issues in Palworld

palworld release-date
  • Resolved a problem where players on dedicated servers and co-op (online) experienced double damage.
  • Altered specifications allow movement at an extremely slow speed even when surpassing the weight limit.
  • Players will no longer phase through walls upon dismounting.
  • Fixed a situation where the capture power enhanced by Lifmunk Effigies was reset when employing memory reset drugs.
  • Addressed an issue where armor could be mistakenly equipped in the wrong slot.
  • Adjusted the camera positions of various Pals to enhance visibility when mounted.

Palworld: Base Issues

Palworld Gets New Update Read Now
  • Implemented changes to ensure that manually assigned Pals in breeding farms remain satiated and their assignments remain intact.
  • Revised the key for lifting Pals from F to V (Pad: X to Y) to prevent accidental actions.
  • Diminished the speed and range of fire spreading on wooden structures.
  • Resolved an issue where manual work assignments couldn’t be established under specific circumstances.
  • Addressed a problem where exceptionally high-level Relaxaurus would assault the base during raids.
  • Introduced multiple measures to prevent base Pals from becoming immobilized.
  • Fixed an occurrence where Pals transporting items would get stuck and drop them on the spot.
  • Resolved a situation where base Pals persisted in cutting down already felled trees.
  • Fixed an issue where base Pals neared death due to unexplained falling damage.
  • Corrected a scenario where base Pals would inexplicably float under certain conditions.
  • Addressed an issue where, if a farm was constructed on the second floor or above, work Pals would be unable to navigate the floors below.

Other Issues

  • Rectified inaccurate text.
  • Implemented safeguards to deter cheating and the theft of other players’ Pals.
  • Included various minor fixes, including the addition of a UI key guide.

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