Nintendo Switch 2: Leaks, Release, And All You Need to Know

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Nintendo Switch 2: Leaks, Release, And All You Need to Know

The Nintendo Switch 2 has been a subject of speculation for some time. And, the anticipation is building for its potential release in 2024. The current Nintendo Switch has been a tremendous success, selling over 132 million units worldwide. However, as technology evolves and competitors like Sony and Microsoft introduce next-generation consoles, there’s growing excitement about what the Switch 2 could offer to maintain Nintendo’s position in the gaming market. The hybrid nature of the Switch, allowing both handheld and docked gameplay, has been a key feature, and fans are eager to see how Nintendo will innovate with the Switch 2.

Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date

Nintendo Switch 2: Leaks, Release, And All You Need to Know

There hasn’t been an official announcement or unveiling of the Nintendo Switch 2, and release information remains undisclosed. However, speculations and indications are suggesting that Nintendo’s next-generation console might be on the horizon.

Insiders have provided varying opinions on the potential release window for the Nintendo Switch 2. Some believe it could be out in the fall of 2024. While others speculate that it might even be a surprise release as early as March. Until Nintendo makes an official announcement, these are merely speculations. Fans need to wait for concrete details about the release of the Nintendo Switch 2.

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The latest information from a Chinese investment site MonkeyDJ suggests that production of Nintendo Switch 2 is in progress. The report indicates that sales for the metal case manufacturer Hongzhun will likely peak in early 2024. The initially speculated Q1 2024 release seems less likely as the year progresses. However, insiders have suggested that Nintendo might be aiming for a release in October or November of 2024.

Given the relatively modest software lineup for the Nintendo Switch in 2024, which primarily includes remakes and smaller spin-offs, it aligns with expectations that the Switch 2 could be positioned for a fall 2024 release window.

Nintendo Switch 2: Leaks, Release, And All You Need to Know

As for the official unveiling, the timing remains uncertain. The Nintendo Switch was initially out on October 19, 2016, approximately 4.5 months before its March 3, 2017 launch.

Nintendo typically reveals major announcements during Nintendo Direct streaming events. And, historically, one of these events occurred during the E3 gaming expo in early June. This timing could provide a suitable opportunity for Nintendo to announce and share details with the gaming community.

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Nintendo Switch 2 Tech Leaks Explained

Leaked information about the Nintendo Switch 2 suggests some key specifications, although Nintendo has not officially confirmed them. Notable details include a cost-cutting move from an OLED to an LCD screen, potentially to allocate resources to other technological advancements. The Switch 2 is rumored to feature Nvidia’s T239 chip, offering ray-tracing capabilities and utilizing DLSS 3.1 upscaling. While the specifications may not match those of the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S, the implementation of DLSS could enhance the visual experience by using AI to upscale games on the Nintendo Switch 2.

Switch 2 Cost

The rumored pricing for the Nintendo Switch 2 suggests a $449 price point for the standard model and a $400 digital-only model, according to leaks from Discord leaker SoldierDelta. This potential pricing strategy would represent a significant increase from the $299 launch price of the original Switch console. While there is no official confirmation of the pricing details, it aligns with Nintendo’s history of offering different SKUs for new consoles. If the reported pricing is accurate, Nintendo aims to position the Switch 2 competitively in the hybrid gaming market against devices like the Steam Deck and the ASUS ROG Ally.

What Games Are Coming?

Nintendo Switch 2: Leaks, Release, And All You Need to Know

As the release calendar for Nintendo in 2024 remains largely unknown, speculation surrounds potential heavy hitters waiting for the Switch 2 launch. While no games have been officially confirmed, two titles stand out as potential candidates for the Switch 2 release. Metroid Prime 4, developed by Retro Studios, has been in development for several years and could be a flagship launch title for the new console. Additionally, rumors suggest the possibility of a new 3D Mario title, serving as a “day one Switch 2 game,” according to information from insider Zippo. Both titles, if confirmed, could contribute to a strong lineup for the Switch 2 release.

“This will be the game for Nintendo next year. Mario will be a day one Switch 2 game, and I would bet serious amounts of money that this will be the very first game that we will see running on their shiny new system. This will be the first 3D Mario game to be a launch title since 1996’s Super Mario 64, which means this is a big freaking deal. Expect a very strong launch lineup from Nintendo and third parties alike.”  

As of now, Nintendo has not officially announced the rumored Mario title for the Nintendo Switch 2. However, considering the significant gap since the release of Super Mario Odyssey, it wouldn’t be surprising if a new 3D Mario game makes its debut alongside the launch of the Switch 2. Keep an eye on official announcements from Nintendo for updates on game releases and details about the highly anticipated Switch 2.

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