Top New Movies Coming to Streaming This Week

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Top New Movies Coming to Streaming This Week

Top New Movies Coming to Streaming This Week – Must Check Out!

Christmas is almost here, and several new movies are coming to streaming services this week. These are the movies you won’t want to miss this week. It includes Zack Snyder’s most recent blockbuster, Bradley Cooper’s passion project, and Emerald Fennell’s most recent release.

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes (Dec 19, VOD)

Top New Movies Coming to Streaming This Week

The fifth episode of the series, directed by Francis Lawrence, is a backstory that reveals the origins of Coriolanus Snow. Taking over for Donald Sutherland, Tom Blyth portrays a considerably younger Snow, 64 years before the events of the first movie. Snow, a bright and talented student at the Academy, is given the responsibility of mentoring Lucy Gray Baird (Rachel Zegler), a free-spirited tribute from District 12 competing in the 10th Hunger Games. In the process of becoming successful and proving his skeptics wrong, Snow falls in love with Lucy Gray. It sets him up for eventual villainy.

Trolls Band Together (Dec 19, VOD)

Top New Movies Coming to Streaming This Week

The third entry in DreamWorks’ well-liked franchise, Trolls Band Together, features the return of Poppy (Anna Kendrick), Branch (Justin Timberlake), and all of their crazy-haired and zany buddies. Poppy and Branch are formally a couple, according to the new movie. However, Branch has a big secret that is going to come out. He’s the long-lost fifth member of Poppy’s favorite boyband, BroZone. Branch and Poppy embark on a new journey after one of his siblings is abducted.

Thanksgiving (Dec 19, VOD)

Top New Movies Coming to Streaming This Week

Even though it’s Christmas, Eli Roth’s mouthwatering new horror film Thanksgiving is still available for viewing. A savage masked killer named John Carver haunts the town of Plymouth, Massachusetts, a year after a horrific brawl during a Black Friday sale left many people dead. Rich Roth’s return to the horror genre might be his best work yet, with a cast that includes Patrick Dempsey, Nell Verlaque, Addison Rae, Milo Manheim, Jalen Thomas Brooks, Rick Hoffman, and Gina Gershon. Mark your calendars for Thanksgiving 2025 so you may enjoy a second helping of turkey—a sequel has already been announced.

Silent Night (Dec 19, VOD)

Top New Movies Coming to Streaming This Week

Legendary action director John Woo makes his Hollywood comeback in twenty years with the jolly, bloody, action-revenge thriller Silent Night. Set in his hometown of Las Palomas, Texas, this R-rated action film divided critics. Some applauded the action and others praised the decision to omit any dialogue. Starring are Kid Cudi, Harold Torres, Catalina Sandino Moreno, and Valeria Santaella. After his son is killed in a drive-by on Christmas Eve, a voiceless Brian Godlock (Joel Kinnaman) vows revenge on the vicious gangs that prowl through his streets.

Marvel’s Echo Roars to Life: Release Date Announced

Maestro (Dec 20, Netflix)

Top New Movies Coming to Streaming This Week

Bradley Cooper returns to the director’s chair with his long-awaited passion project Maestro. He plays renowned composer Leonard Bernstein. The film follows his adored and critically acclaimed directorial debut A Star Is Born. In addition to exploring Bernstein’s sexuality, his prodigious career, and Felicia Montealegre’s (Carey Mulligan) fight with lung cancer, the film explores their turbulent marriage. Thanks in large part to the outstanding lead performances by Cooper and Mulligan. The movie has emerged as a contender for this year’s Oscars.

The Creator (Dec 20, Hulu)

Top New Movies Coming to Streaming This Week

The world of The Creator, which takes place in a dystopian future when artificial intelligence and humanity are at war, has been devastated. While grieving for his late wife Maya (Gemma Chan), ex-special forces agent Joshua (John David Washington) is assigned the crucial duty of removing a mystery weapon that could end the conflict. Joshua is unaware that the weapon assumes the appearance of Madeline Yuna Voyles, a bright youngster. In supporting parts in The Creator are Allison Janney, Ken Watanabe, Ralph Ineson, and Sturgill Simpson.

Rebel Moon — Part One: A Child of Fire (Dec 21, Netflix)

Top New Movies Coming to Streaming This Week

For the first installment of his much-awaited sci-fi epic Rebel Moon, Zack Snyder has reconnected with Netflix. The first half of the cosmic adventure centers on Kora (Sofia Boutella), a young woman with an enigmatic history. She journeys across the galaxy in search of a squad of warriors ready to overthrow the despotic and fascist tyrants endangering the defenseless. With Djimon Hounsou, Charlie Hunnam, Michiel Huisman, Ray Fisher, Cleopatra Coleman, and Anthony Hopkins leading the ensemble cast, this big-budget production seems to be a grimmer, more realistic Star Wars than any director like Zack Snyder could have created.

Saltburn (Dec 21, Prime Video)

Top New Movies Coming to Streaming This Week

Returning with Saltburn, one of the year’s most divisive films, is Emerald Fennell, who won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for her first feature, Promising Young Woman. Oliver Quick (Barry Keoghan) is an outsider and misfit. He receives a scholarship at Oxford University but finds it difficult to fit in with the considerably wealthier students. He is the protagonist of this darkly humorous thriller.

Felix Catton (Jacob Elordi), a charming aristocrat, takes Oliver under his wing and extends an invitation for him to spend the summer at their opulent estate. Oliver and Felix quickly become good friends. Felix doesn’t realize that Oliver is concealing some sinister and dark secrets from him. And, as the wealthy family’s story starts to come to light, Oliver starts to reveal the real Oliver.


Beau Is Afraid (Dec 21, Paramount+)

Top New Movies Coming to Streaming This Week

The film stars Academy Award winner Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role. It is the most ambitious and insane film that Ari Aster, the deranged mind behind Hereditary and Midsommar, has ever made. Beau is a man who suffers from severe anxiety and motherhood concerns. He is, after all, the son of renowned and absurdly wealthy entrepreneur Mona Wasserman (Patti LuPone). After a strange event claims the life of his mother, Beau is forced to face his worries by going on an odd and surreal journey with many eccentric characters and attempting to deal with his childhood traumas.

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