Matthew Perry Died of Ketamine More About the Drug

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Matthew Perry Died of Ketamine Effects

The LA County Medical Examiner’s office issued an autopsy report on Friday, December 15, more than a month after the unexpected death of “Friends” actor Matthew Perry. The report said that Perry’s cause of death was the “acute effects” of ketamine. On October 28, he was found unconscious in a hot tub at his LA home, “floating face down in the heated end.”. His age was 54.

Matthew Perry Died from Ketamine: What is Ketamine?

Matthew Perry Died of Ketamine Effects, More About the Drug

Ketamine’s increasing usage in the treatment of depression and other mental health conditions has sparked intense discussion about the drug. Some professionals and patients refer to it as lifesaving, others say it’s addictive and causes bladder ailments.

The US Drug Enforcement Administration has classified the anesthetic ketamine as a hallucinogen. The term “dissociative anesthetic hallucinogen” refers to the state of separation from pain and surroundings that it induces.

The US Food and Drug Administration gave it human approval around ten years later, since its first use in the 1960s. It is relatively new to utilize the medication to treat mental problems like depression. Patients who have not responded to conventional therapy take ketamine because of its potent effects.

About Ketamine Consumption

Matthew Perry Died of Effects of Ketamine

Patients with mental illnesses typically take ketamine once or twice a week for six to eight weeks (some may require it longer) via an IV, nasal spray, or tablet. A white, crystalline powder is snorted in order to ingest it recreationally. Additionally, ketamine can be smoked or injected.

What Are the Effects of Ketamine?

Matthew Perry Died of Effects of Ketamine

The New York Times recently conducted interviews with forty ketamine users. Several of them compared the medication to a brain reset button.

They had pleasant visualizations during treatment sessions, sometimes coupled with a feeling of existing outside of oneself and merging with the cosmos. Their everyday issues appeared less pressing after that, the report said.

It also mentioned how ketamine became well-known due to its ability to influence brain receptors that are not affected by conventional antidepressants. According to the paper, “many believe that the psychedelic-like trip is integral to the drug’s therapeutic effect.”

Ketamine has a stronger anesthetic effect when taken in large dosages. There are moments when people suffer more vivid hallucinations, have trouble moving, and feel numb.

Is It Safe to Consume Ketamine?

Matthew Perry Died of Effects of Ketamine

Certain medical professionals have emphasized that ketamine is safe to take and highly successful in treating mental diseases when used just for medicinal purposes and at the recommended dosages. Nonetheless, many individuals cited in the NYT article said that the medication can become addictive and that long-term high-dose use can seriously harm the bladder. The report states, “There are indications that abuse may also lead to cognitive impairment.

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