Marvel Studios Introduced Two Historic Heroes, All You Need to Know

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Marvel Studios Introduced Two Historic Heroes, All You Need to Know

Marvel Studios has made a groundbreaking move by unveiling a duo of new superheroes in the latest installment of the franchise, What If…? Season 2.

Within the nearly two dozen classic superheroes returning to the limelight in What If…?, Season 2 brings forth the MCU’s inaugural original animated superhero, Kahhori, portrayed by Devery Jacobs. In taking on this role, Jacobs has not only contributed to the series but has also etched her name in history. Her significance is further emphasized by her upcoming live-action debut in January’s Echo, showcasing the immense trust Marvel places in her to play a pivotal role in advancing the Multiverse Saga.

Marvel Studios Introduces Historic Superhero Duo on Disney+

Marvel Studios Introduced Two Historic Heroes, All You Need to Know

Actor Jeremy White has shared his excitement about joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) through his new role as Atahraks in What If…? Season 2. He made his debut in Episode 6, titled “What If… Kahhori Reshaped the World?,” expressing joy at being part of the MCU narrative.

Jeremy White entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside Devery Jacobs’ Kahhori in Episode 6, where the duo fought against Spanish colonization in their native lands, showcasing their extraordinary superpowers.

What makes Kahhori and Atahraks particularly noteworthy is that they are the first two original superheroes crafted specifically for the MCU, without any prior introduction in Marvel Comics. This distinction highlights Marvel’s commitment to introducing fresh and unique characters to enrich the cinematic narrative.

On the morning of December 26, as the episode premiered, Jeremy White celebrated the introduction of “TWO BRAND NEW Marvel superheroes” in the latest chapter of What If…?

“Tonight at MIDNIGHT, Marvel Studios’ ‘What If…?’ Season 2, Episode 6, ‘What If… Kahhori Reshaped The World?’ will OFFICIALLY be released to the WORLD! 

The world will be introduced to TWO BRAND NEW Marvel super hero’s, the first every NEW fully original characters part of the MCU, the character that I had the honour and privilege of bringing to life on screen!” 

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Jeremy White proudly introduced Atahraks to the world, describing him as “an absolute badass Mohawk.” In expressing pride in his Mohawk culture, White teased that Atahraks, alongside Kahhori, is poised to “change the world.”

“His name is Atahraks, and he is an absolute badass Mohawk. He and Kahhori are going to change the world and people are going to FREAK when they see this episode. I feel so much pride as a Mohawk, for our culture and language to be immortalized on the grandest stage of them all, they way it was done, just all of it! I’m filled with so many emotions. You’ll see what I’m talking about. There will be tears!


Following up, Jeremy White posted another tweet building anticipation for the arrivals of Kahhori and Atahraks. Once again, he praised his Mohawk heritage, creating additional excitement ahead of the episode’s debut.

Marvel Studios Introduced Two Historic Heroes, All You Need to Know

“The world FINALLY gets to meet Kahhori and Atahraks! As a proud Mohawk, it’s so fulfilling to voice Atahraks and bring him to life! Marvel Studios’ ‘What If…?’ S2 E6 ‘What If…Kahhori Reshaped The World?’ drops tonight on Disney+!”

In this episode, Atahraks takes on the role of a mentor, assisting Kahhori in mastering her newfound abilities. Despite the Sky World villagers initially being outpaced by Kahhori’s rapid acquisition of powers such as teleportation, super speed, and super strength—gifted by the Tesseract in this alternate timeline—Atahraks supports her in harnessing these capabilities.

Motivated by a desire for justice, Kahhori encourages the villagers to confront the Conquistador invaders who attacked her tribe. As the narrative unfolds, Kahhori and Atahraks unite with the villagers, forming a formidable alliance to combat and ultimately overcome the invading forces.

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When Will Kahhori & Atahraks Return?

Marvel Studios Introduced Two Historic Heroes, All You Need to Know

Despite Kahhori’s appearance in just one episode of What If…? Season 2, promotional material hints at her making additional appearances before the year concludes. In this footage, Jacobs’ new heroine is fighting alongside Hayley Atwell’s Captain Carter, displaying her Tesseract-granted powers to open portals and shining brightly alongside What If…?’s original heroine.

The larger question now lingers on whether Kahhori will transition into the live-action MCU, especially considering Jacobs’ involvement in another role in January’s Echo. However, with the positive reception of Kahhori and Atahraks in their debuts in the latest What If…? Season 2 episode, it seems increasingly likely that new original MCU heroes may find their way into live-action adventures.

What If…? Season 2 is currently available for streaming on Disney+.

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