Lee Sun-Kyun: All You Need to Know About the Drug Controversy

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Lee Sun-Kyun: All You Need to Know About the Drug Controversy

In October 2023, speculation arose regarding Lee Sun-kyun’s involvement in alleged drug-related activities. Subsequently, on the 20th of the same month, HODU&U Entertainment, the actor’s agency, issued a statement confirming that Lee Sun-kyun was undergoing police investigations.

The agency’s statement, however, did not provide a clear affirmation or denial regarding the conjectured drug usage by the actor. Additionally, undisclosed individuals purportedly linked to the ongoing drug controversy were reportedly subjecting Lee Sun-kyun to blackmail and threats.

Lee Sun-Kyun: All You Need to Know About the Drug Controversy

Despite the actor later refuting the allegations against him, the police investigations persisted, and on December 24, Lee Sun-kyun underwent an extensive 19-hour-long questioning session related to the blackmail threats. After requesting a lie detector test through his lawyer on December 26 to assert innocence in the drug controversy, netizens were shocked to discover the actor deceased in his car on December 27.

All You Need to Know About Lee Sun-kyun Drug Controversy

Lee Sun-Kyun: All You Need to Know About the Drug Controversy

In mid-October, various outlets carried reports suggesting the involvement of the actor in drug use.

A specific outlet, Gyeonggi Shinmun, indicated that the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s Narcotics Crime Investigation Unit was actively conducting inquiries involving a total of eight individuals who were purportedly connected to an illicit drug exchange. The outlet speculated that the actor had used marijuana and other illegal drugs. He reportedly obtained through a hostess working at a high-end bar in Seoul’s Gangnam district, known for illegal drug activities.

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However, the actor’s agency issued a statement that neither confirmed nor denied the accusations. However, it affirmed that the actor was undergoing investigations at the Incheon Metropolitan Police Station.

The police confirmed that the actor was not a confirmed suspect. And, the investigations were based on certain leads they had gathered. Following this, the actor appeared on October 28 for the initial round of investigations at the Incheon Metropolitan Police Station.

Actor’s Statement And Test Results

Lee Sun-Kyun: All You Need to Know About the Drug Controversy

Lee Sun-kyun expressed remorse for causing distress and disappointment to his fans about the controversy that surfaced on the internet. “First of all, I sincerely apologize for the great amount of disappointment I have brought to so many people for being involved in such an unpleasant incident. I would like to bow my head in apology to everyone who has trusted in me and support me all this time.” He continued, “As I delivered through my agency, my position is that I will faithfully participate in the investigation with an honest attitude. I feel very sorry to my family, who is suffering a lot at the moment. I will sincerely and truthfully answer (the questions) during the investigation.”

The police reported that during the second round of investigations on November 4, Lee Sun-kyun tested negative. Furthermore, a comprehensive hair analysis indicated no involvement in drug usage for a minimum of the past ten months.

Despite these findings, police inquiries persisted, focusing particularly on the blackmail threats directed at the actor. In the ongoing police investigations, Lee Sun-kyun’s agency affirmed that he had been targeted for blackmail by an unidentified individual referred to as ‘A.’

Lee Sun-Kyun: All You Need to Know About the Drug Controversy

Following these events, the actor complained about two individuals, alleging them to engage in blackmail. Notably, one of them was a hostess of the Gangnam bar.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the actor asserted that the hostess had blackmailed him by falsely implicating him in drug usage. Furthermore, she confessed to deceiving him into consuming substances without his knowledge. Despite these claims, the drug test results were negative. The hostess was apprehended in November. The police also announced the issuance of an arrest warrant for the second individual mentioned in Lee Sun-kyun’s complaint.

After enduring a marathon 19-hour investigation until December 24 concerning the blackmail threats, the actor conveyed to Yonhap News Agency. “I feel like it is a bit too late, but I’ve finished the questioning by the police about the blackmail case. Hope the police wisely determine which statements are more reliable between mine and the blackmailers.”

Lee Sun-Kyun: All You Need to Know About the Drug Controversy

After three rounds of investigation, the hostess persisted in asserting the actor’s involvement in drug use. According to Lee Sun-kyun’s lawyer, a lie detector test was necessary. “The last third interrogation was essentially a confrontation. The police conducted the questioning based on ‘A’s statements, asking for Lee’s opinions. If ‘A’s statements were true, the National Forensic Service’s precise examination should have also returned positive results, but Lee Sun-kyun received a negative result.”

It continues, “In such an unjust situation, it is necessary to scientifically verify who is telling the truth by having ‘A’ also undergo the lie detector test.”

Before the investigation could progress, Lee Sun-kyun was discovered deceased in his car by the police on December 27 at 10:30 AM, following a distress call made by his wife.

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