Lab Confirm Cases of Covid Variant JN.1 in India

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Covid Variant: 21 instances of the novel coronavirus variant JN.1 have been recorded from all around India thus far, according to VK Paul, a member of the government think tank NITI Aayog (Health). 19 instances of the JN.1 variety have been recorded from Goa, and one each from Maharashtra and Kerala, according to sources.

In light of the growing number of COVID-19 cases in several regions of the nation, Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya examined the COVID-19 situation and the readiness of public health institutions today.

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According to a statement released today by the Health and Family Welfare Ministry, Mr. Mandaviya stated that “it is important to be on alert and be prepared against new and emerging strains of the coronavirus.”


Cases of Covid Variant JN.1 in India

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In order to guarantee effective Covid management, he requested seamless collaboration between the Centre and the states. “Let us undertake mock drills once every three months at both the central and state levels and share best practices,” stated the minister of health.

In order to develop an adequate public health response, the states must continue to monitor newly emerging evidence of Covid cases, symptoms, and case severity. This was brought up by the Health Minister in a reminder to the states.

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COVID VARIANT: In a presentation on the domestic and international COVID situation, Health Ministry secretary Sudhansh Pant stated that the number of cases in India is far lower than the global total. However, there has been a sharp increase in active cases over the last two weeks, from 115 on December 6 to 614 today.

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According to Mr. Pant during the presentation, of these, 92.8% of the cases are home-isolation, suggesting minor illness, and there hasn’t been a rise in hospitalisation rates as a result of Covid. The Health Secretary stated that the hospitalised cases are the result of various medical issues, and that the discovery of Covid is coincidental. Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, and Jharkhand have all shown an increase in the daily positive rate. The number of confirmed cases per 100 tests is known as the positivity rate.

Write a Comment According to Mr. Pant, the JN.1 variety is being closely examined by scientists but is not yet a reason for alarm. There hasn’t been any evidence of a JN.1 variant-related case clustering in India. All of the cases were determined to be minor, and the individuals recovered without any complications. – COVID VARIANT

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Lab Tests Confirm 21 Cases of Newly Identified Covid Variant JN.1 in India
Lab Tests Confirm 21 Cases of Newly Identified Covid Variant JN.1 in India