K-Drama 2024: Every K-Drama Coming Out in February

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Every Korean Drama Coming Out in February 2024

K-drama 2024: The start of 2024 introduced captivating Korean dramas like the second installment of Death’s Game, Marry My Husband, and Flower That Blossoms in the Dark. These offerings delivered a blend of romance, suspense, and justice. The upcoming months of 2024 hold great promise, featuring a lineup of anticipated new Korean dramas and eagerly awaited sequels to Squid Game and All of Us Are Dead.

Although the return of these successful K-dramas may require some patience, there’s no shortage of excitement in the upcoming month. Anticipate a diverse range of releases, including a supernatural thriller with a compelling storyline and a business drama highlighting ambition and personal development. Without delay, here’s a preview of every K-drama set to premiere in February 2024.

K-Drama 2024: Branding in Seongsu (Feb 5)


Branding Seongsu, a typical business Korean drama unfolds as a triumphant CEO, accustomed to sidelining emotions, discovers true love in an unexpected encounter with a compassionate intern. What sets this drama apart is the introduction of a body-swapping twist. Kang Na Eon, a prosperous marketing executive renowned for her cutthroat approach in the industry, starts as the quintessential career-driven professional. She ascended the corporate hierarchy, forsaking friendships and relationships along the way. However, the narrative takes a dramatic turn when she crosses paths with So Eun Ho, an initially antagonistic intern. A chance kiss triggers an unforeseen event, swapping their bodies and setting the stage for an intriguing story.

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K-Drama 2024: A Killer Paradox (Feb 9)

K-drama 2024: Every Korean Drama Coming Out in February 2024

Korean webtoons continually provide fresh and inventive narratives, exemplified by Death’s Game, which offered a unique perspective on life. A Killer Paradox, an upcoming supernatural thriller, follows the story of Lee Tang, an ordinary college student who unintentionally kills a customer during his part-time job at a convenience store.

In an unexpected twist, Tang realizes that the victim is a serial killer responsible for heinous crimes against innocent people. Furthermore, he discovers a unique ability within himself to identify evil souls committing unspeakable atrocities. Armed with this newfound power and a strong sense of justice, Tang embarks on a mission to mete out punishment to those lacking basic morals. Meanwhile, a relentless and cold-blooded detective is in hot pursuit. A Killer Paradox, featuring Choi Woo Sik in the role of Lee Tang, is set to premiere on Netflix on February 9th.

K-Drama 2024: Wedding Impossible (Feb 26)

K-drama 2024: Every Korean Drama Coming Out in February 2024

Wedding Impossible, a forthcoming romantic K-drama featuring Jeon Jong Seo and Moon Sang Min, revolves around Na Ah Jeong, a skilled actress relegated to working as an extra without ever receiving due recognition for her acting prowess. Complicating her romantic life is her inability to connect with any man other than her longtime best friend, Lee Do Han, scion of the LJ Group, a chaebol family.

When familial pressure forces Do Han into an arranged marriage, he turns to Ah Jeong, urging her to pose as his wife. However, Do Han’s brother, Lee Ji Han, with aspirations to secure his brother’s position as the LJ Group’s heir, has different plans in mind. Beyond being a captivating drama narrated from two distinct perspectives, the incorporation of BL (Boys’ Love) representation heightens anticipation among K-drama enthusiasts. Wedding Impossible is scheduled for streaming on tvN starting February 26.

K-Drama 2024: The Impossible Heir


For those craving a departure from the romantic fare in Korean dramas, The Impossible Heir offers a compelling choice this February. Lee Jun Young takes on the role of Kang In Ha in this political drama. Born into a single-parent household and raised in poverty, In Ha relies on his good looks and charm to navigate life. His world takes a dramatic turn when he discovers that he is the illegitimate son of the chairman of Kang Oh Group.

Despite facing rejection from his father, In Ha joins forces with his intellectually gifted friend, Han Tae Oh, to craft a strategy to take control of the company and permanently eliminate poverty from his life. However, a formidable woman with ambitions linked to the Kang Oh Group, and a troubled past, enters the scene, throwing a curveball into his plans for societal ascension. The Impossible Heir explores how In Ha confronts this unexpected adversary and endeavors to reclaim what is rightfully his. – K-Drama 2024

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