Jujutsu Kaisen: Kenjaku’s Death Confirmed

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In the universe of Jujutsu Kaisen, Kenjaku played a significant role. Among the antagonists, he was undoubtedly one of the most recognisable and a constant threat. He wasn’t the strongest by any means, but the way he carried himself gave the impression that he was the series’ greatest threat. In reality, Kenjaku has played his hand in every significant advancement that has occurred at JJK.

Conversely, Sukuna, the other main antagonist of the series, exists only due to his might. On the other hand, he was far more cunning and nasty. But now that the report has proven this magnificent villain’s death, JJK has definitely lost him.

Kenjaku In Jujutsu Kaisen


When Kenjaku battled Takaba, he met his demise in the most unexpected way. This fight was strange, to put it mildly. The fight left fans unsure of what to anticipate, and the way it continued to proceed was a dead giveaway that the author himself was at a loss for what to depict. That being said, this was the most peculiar run of chapters in the entire novel, most of which were, to put it mildly, nonsensical. At the conclusion of these strange chapters, Yuta appeared on the battlefield and ambushed Kenjaku just as he was winning his struggle against Takaba. After he had drawn up behind him, he decapitated Kenjaku with a single blow of his sword.

Many fans were shocked by this since they had mostly anticipated that Kenjaku would stay in the show until the very end and that he would ultimately be the main antagonist. After Kenjaku was beheaded, his supporters realised it was either do or die. His fate was left out in the air because the author had already cut away from this section of the novel. But as of right now, it’s official—he’s dead in the narrative.

Yuta Vs The Cursed Spirits


Fans finally got a good look at what happened to Kenjaku in JJK chapter 249. Recently arriving on the battlefield to face Sukuna, Yuta finally provided fans with an accurate explanation of the outcome of his combat with Kenjaku. Put simply, Yuta had handled with Rika well enough to enter the battlefield. By his arrival, the threat posed by Kenjaku had been neutralised, and he ensured that the brain was exorcised this time, leaving no room for it to survive. Once the battle with Takaba was over and Yuta had severed Kenjaku’s head, the numerous spirits that Geto had ingested broke out.

Fans anticipated this would happen, and it was first suggested that once Toji Fushiguro defeated Geto, he would leave him alive rather than face the cursed spirits that were inside his body. But this time, Yuta needed Rika’s assistance to cope with the curse spirits, which is exactly why he brought her along. The cursed spirits, equal in power to Shibuya’s, were entirely vanquished and subjugated because of Rika. Even after being beheaded, Kenjaku posed a serious threat to Utah.

Kenjaku’s Death Confirmed In JJK


It was ultimately established in JJK chapter 249 that Kenjaku had lost his fight with Yuta and lacked any secret weapons. Despite being beheaded, Kenjaku managed to perform his cursed technique, but it didn’t matter against Yuta because he was still able to kill him by stabbing him through the head. As of right now, Kenjaku’s brain has been exorcised and stabbed. Kenjaku will therefore not resurrect, and the menace has been neutralised for good.

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This could remind people of what Kenjaku stated the last time he was beheaded. In JJK chapter 249, fans finally got to witness what Kenjaku had mentioned—that his will would be inherited. Kenjaku claims that Sukuna has now received the will and it is his responsibility to complete the union of Tengen and humanity.

After Kenjaku passed away, the Culling Game gained a new rule and his fail-safe mechanism came into effect. This regulation means that Megumi is now in charge of the merger, which immediately puts Sukuna in charge as well. Fans have previously witnessed that Sukuna has now received the Tengen embryo.  This spells doom for the many characters in JJK and fans are eagerly waiting in anticipation to see how the upcoming fight progresses.

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Jujutsu Kaisen: Kenjaku’s Death Confirmed
Jujutsu Kaisen: Kenjaku’s Death Confirmed