Surge in Japan Flu Cases – Fastest Rate in a Decade

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Japan Flu Cases: According to reports, Japan announced that the average number of influenza cases assigned to authorized medical facilities across the country has reached warning levels at the highest rate in ten years. According to the Japan Times, which cited medical specialists, the rise in flu cases is a reflection of decreased influenza immunity, as cases had decreased in previous years as a result of anti-infection measures taken against the coronavirus pandemic. According to them, the influenza virus is spreading around one month sooner than usual.

Japan Flu Cases: What do the numbers say?

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According to Japan’s health minister, in the week ending December 10, 166,690 patients were recorded across nearly 5,000 institutions or 33.72 persons per facility on average. It said that this had crossed the 30-warning level. The National Institute of Infectious Diseases calculated that there were around 1,118,00 patients in the country at that time.


As Japan Faces Flu Cases, Explore the Concurrent Trend in COVID-19 Infections

According to officials, coronavirus instances have also been rising for the past three weeks. This implies that as the nation has social gatherings for the end of the year and the start of the next year, the virus may spread even further. According to authorities, during the week ending on Sunday, 6,382 educational facilities around the country were forced to close their schools and certain classes.

Japan Flu Cases

What do the authorities have to say?

Usually, influenza epidemics happen in the winter and early spring, but this year, there was an unprecedented spike in cases starting in August. October also saw an increase in Japan flu cases, surpassing the recommended threshold of 10 cases per institution for that month.

Head of the Kawasaki City Institute for Public Health Nobuhiko Okabe stated, “Individual measures for preventing infection are the same as those for COVID-19, including getting vaccinated, wearing masks, and avoiding crowded places.”

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Japan Flu Cases Rises
Japan Flu Cases Rises