Hazbin Hotel Season 2: Release Update Worries the Fanbase

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The cartoon series’ fan base was shocked by new remarks from one of the main stars of Hazbin Hotel, and anxiety over the release date of Season 2 intensified.

After three weeks of hellishly animated mayhem, Amazon Prime Video’s R-rated musical has completed its initial batch of eight episodes on the platform.

The first season was long in the coming; it debuted as an animated pilot on YouTube in 2019 and was later picked up by Amazon Studios and A24 for a two-season order.

Hazbin Hotel ‘2027’ Comments Shake Fans


The fan community is quite worried after remarks about when Hazbin Hotel Season 2 will be released.

In a recent Q&A session on creator Vivienne “Vivziepop” Medrano’s YouTube channel, Amir Talai, the series’ star, stated that Season 2 will air in “2027,” as long as fans stay tuned.

The series’ Alastor, Taslai, seems to have been making light of the release year, joking that viewers will have to endure yet another protracted wait. That hasn’t prevented the fan base from criticising the release update, though.

Lil_Ms_Alex, one of the fans, shared on X (formerly Twitter) that Taslai’s remarks caused her “heart actually [sink]:”

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G-Mizon 624 expressed a similar opinion, responding to the release “news” online with a lengthy “No!”

Hazbin enthusiasts like Olivia Balafika shared a straightforward “F*** no” to the thought of waiting so long for further episodes of the popular series, even though the majority of people seemed to recognise Taslai’s comment was probably a joke.

When Is Hazbin Hotel Season 2 Actually Releasing?


Yes, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent double strikes in Hollywood may have caused a slight delay in the publication of Hazbin Hotel Season 1, but fans shouldn’t worry too much about Season 2.

To put it simply, it appears quite improbable that Prime Video customers will have to wait until “2027” for the release of Season 2 of the R-rated cartoon series, even though it is entirely feasible.

During the Q&A session where Taslai made his notorious release date comment in jest, Erika Henningsen, who co-stars as Charlie Morningstar’s voice, clarified that they are “very busy on Season 2.”

This is consistent with the actress’s recent social media posts, in which she expressed her happiness at being “back” and working on the series in late January.

It is reasonable to presume that Season 2 is currently under production and will eventually be released.

In terms of when fans may anticipate the hell-raising adventure to return, it now appears most likely that it will come out in late 2024 or early 2025 (not 2027).

Since animation can take some time to get right, it feels like Hazbin Hotel Season 2 will conclude in Q1 2025. This means that, contrary to what some may have thought, it might take 12–16 months for the series to return.

You can watch Hazbin Hotel Season 1 on Amazon Prime Video right now.

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Hazbin Hotel Season 2: New Release Update Worries the Fanbase
Hazbin Hotel Season 2: New Release Update Worries the Fanbase