Gremlins 3: Everything You Need to Know About It

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Gremlins 3: Everything You Need to Know About It

It’s time to explore the available information on the potential cast and release of Gremlins 3. The Gremlins franchise, initiated with the Christmas classic in 1984, extended to Gremlins 2: The New Batch in 1990. Despite this, the mischievous mogwai, fearful of light, has been absent from the big screen for over three decades.

Status of Gremlins 3

Gremlins 3: Everything You Need to Know About It

Speculation around Gremlins 3 heightened with the circulation of fan-made posters and trailers in late 2023. Fans eagerly anticipate updates on the developing threequel.

Reports about Gremlins 3 date back to 2013, indicating a reboot in early development at Warner Bros. Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg will likely be in the project. In 2015, Zach Galligan suggested the new movie would continue the existing story rather than serve as a reboot. Director Chris Columbus was said to be actively working on Gremlins 3 in the present day, as revealed by Galligan. Columbus, in a 2020 interview, acknowledged having a script and expressed eagerness to proceed, emphasizing a preference for tangible puppets over CGI.

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Plot Details

Gremlins 3: Everything You Need to Know About It

In a 2017 interview, Columbus discussed the script for Gremlins 3. He emphasized a return to the dark and macabre tone of the original that led to the creation of the PG-13 rating. He expressed pride in the twisted and dark nature of the script, highlighting budgetary considerations as the primary hurdle.

Galligan hinted at an earlier idea involving Las Vegas as the setting. However, it was too expensive for the studio. The narrative set long after Gremlins 2, would likely pick up from Gizmo living with Billy and Kate, and the story direction remains uncertain.

Potential Cast And Release Date

Gremlins 3: Everything You Need to Know About It

While specifics on the cast are unknown, Galligan suggested Columbus had plans for both new and returning characters, similar to the structure of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The return of original stars, including Galligan and possibly Phoebe Cates, seems likely, even though Cates has been less active in Hollywood. There’s a slim chance that Howie Mandel could return to voice Gizmo.

Given the unknown status of Gremlins 3’s production, the cast remains speculative, with the potential for new and established actors to join the continuation of this beloved story.

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Gremlins 3 seems to be in development limbo, with no tangible progress in the last three years. If the project moves forward, and assuming it enters development and production, a theatrical release might not occur until late 2025 at the earliest. As of now, Gremlins 3 lacks an official production or release date.

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