Godzilla Minus One: Takashi Yamazaki Has Sequel Plans

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Godzilla Minus One: Takashi Yamazaki Has Sequel Plans

Godzilla Minus One Director Takashi Yamazaki Has Sequel Plans

At this point, Godzilla Minus One doesn’t have to prove its excellence. The film has received nothing but positive reviews since it launched online. Following a record-breaking run at the box office, Godzilla Minus One has fans clamoring for a follow-up. Fans will be ecstatic to know director Takashi Yamazaki has plans for the perfect sequel.

Director Yamazaki Talked About Follow-Up

Godzilla Minus One: Takashi Yamazaki Has Sequel Plans

Regarding the follow-up, well, talk about the movie has been increasing. Many are hailing Godzilla Minus One as one of the titan’s best films in many years. The film’s open ending provides an opportunity for a tasty sequel, as director Takashi Yamazaki previously discussed in an interview with Mono magazine.

“Godzilla is both a monster and a god. Godzilla is the Tatari-gami that appears in Princess Mononoke. After all, if you really think about it, isn’t it strange that the thing awakened by America’s nuclear tests is going to attack Japan? However, if you think of it as the Tatari-gami, it makes sense. A story about everyone working together to quell an attack by the Tatari-gami,” the director shared.

For those unaware, Yamazaki is discussing a curse that can be found in one of the greatest Studio Ghibli movies. There is a popular Ghibli creature in Princess Mononoke, Tatari-game. It is a manifestation of evil energy that casts curses and creates disasters. Prince Ashitaka is affected by a similar curse in Princess Mononoke. And, he has to embark on an expedition to purify his village and himself. As it happens, Yamazaki thinks these curses are very similar to Godzilla.

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Studio Ghibli And Godzilla Minus One

Princess Mononoke and Godzilla Minus One

“Godzilla was born as a result of an American nuclear test and yet it was created in Japan. Isn’t it incredibly absurd that this happens? However, I believe that Japanese people sense they must accept this and consider it a curse,” Yamazaki continued.

“The Tatari-gami from Princess Mononoke also comes to a village he has no connections with, messes it up, and leaves behind a curse. That’s how I felt after making this film. I felt that making a Godzilla movie was a divine ritual. The ritual [gathers] the anxieties of the world at the time and summons them as a cursed deity which must be appeased.”

Godzilla Minus One Director Has the Perfect Sequel

To understand how it will be incorporated into a follow-up, one needs just examine the last scenes of Godzilla Minus One. As Koichi finds out that Noriko did survive her battle with Godzilla, the main protagonists of the movie reunite eventually. There might not have been a black mark on Noriko’s neck because of the emotional occasion that brought many to tears. Given that this mark resembles the Tatari-gami’s visual blight from Princess Mononoke, it is reasonable to assume that Noriko has been cursed by the kaiju.

Godzilla Minus One: Takashi Yamazaki Has Sequel Plans

We’re rather certain in case a Godzilla Minus One sequel sees the green light, it will examine the process of removing a curse like Godzilla. Like Ashitaka, Noriko will need to guide her loved ones through this difficult journey. As Ashitaka experienced firsthand, we are aware of Princess Mononoke’s approach to the challenging assignment.

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