Fortnite x Avatar Crossover, Read Now

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Fortnite Is Getting An Avatar Crossover, All You Need to Know

Fortnite x Avatar: Fortnite is rumored to be collaborating with James Cameron’s Avatar and Devil May Cry in an upcoming crossover. As one of the most prominent video games globally, Fortnite has transcended its origins as a mere battle royale. It has grown into a colossal entity that serves as a comprehensive social hub within the gaming world. Originating as a tower defense game, it transformed into a battle royale and has now expanded even further.

Fortnite Is Getting An Avatar Crossover, All You Need to Know

The game regularly features diverse crossovers, spanning from Star Wars and Marvel to DC and various other major franchises. Additionally, Fortnite’s recent expansions include new gaming experiences such as LEGO Fortnite, Fortnite Festival, and Rocket Racing, ensuring a diverse range of options to cater to a broad audience.

Fortnite x Avatar Crossover

Fortnite Is Getting An Avatar Crossover, All You Need to Know

One of the significant additions to Fortnite is said to involve Avatar’s Jake Sully and characters from Devil May Cry. These anticipated characters are expected to make their debut in the forthcoming season of Fortnite. It might not occur for several months. The speculation originates from information shared on the XboxEra Podcast, where Shpeshal_Nick mentioned receiving a direct message from a source indicating these two crossovers in the pipeline.

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Fortnite Is Getting An Avatar Crossover, All You Need to Know

Additionally, it was revealed that there’s a Fortnite loading screen hinting at the Devil May Cry collaboration. Regarding the Avatar crossover, the disclosure suggested that Jake Sully would be the sole character featured in that event. The podcast host did express skepticism about the practicality of incorporating Na’vi characters, given their significant height. It will potentially result in a larger hitbox and potential gameplay implications for those using that skin.

Fortnite X Avatar Crossover, All You Need to Know

There’s a chance that Epic Games might adjust the scale of Jake Sully to ensure fairness, especially considering past instances like Transformers in the game where accurate scaling wasn’t strictly adhered to. Whether downsizing or some other adaptation, it seems plausible for Epic Games to address the potential gameplay implications.

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While this information is currently based on speculation and remains a rumor, it gains a degree of credibility as it comes from a reliable source. It’s worth noting that plans may evolve, and nothing is certain until officially confirmed. However, given the solid track record of the source, there’s a reasonable expectation that these crossovers could indeed materialize in the upcoming season. – FORTNITE X AVATAR

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