Expats Episode 3 Release Date & Remaining Schedule

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Expats Episode 3 Release Date: Here is the release schedule for the third episode of Nicole Kidman’s show Expats on Netflix, as well as the dates for the remaining episodes of the season.

Expats, a well-liked new series on Amazon Prime Video, chronicles the lives of several women who live as expatriates in Japan, far from their homeland, as the title implies.

When Does the Next Expats Episode Arrive?


Already, two of the six episodes of Expats have been cancelled. On Friday, February 2, the third episode of the show will be accessible on Amazon Prime Video.

Below is the schedule for the remainder of the show:

  • Episode 3 – Friday, February 2
  • Episode 4 – Friday, February 9
  • Episode 5 – Friday, February 16
  • Episode 6 – Friday, February 23

It is important to note that some Prime Video series, like The Boys, who release new episodes every Friday, occasionally debut episodes the night before their actual release date. Thus, the release of Expats episode 3 on Thursday, February 1 at 5:00 p.m. ET is conceivable.

What Could Happen in Expats Episode 3?


Nicole Kidman portrays Margaret Woo in the film Expats, who is a mother of three who resides in Hong Kong with her spouse. Gus, one of her children, was given to a young woman who misplaced him in a busy market.

The family has moved on with their lives at some point till that same young woman unintentionally reappears in their life.

Since the show likes to keep viewers guessing, it would be difficult to anticipate with any degree of accuracy what would happen in the upcoming episode.

Conflict will inevitably occur in the series’ plot, despite Margaret’s refusal to leave China and her unwavering belief that her son may be found.

Expats Episode 3 Release Date: Where Can I Watch Expats?


We’ll be able to stream Expats on Prime Video for our US, UK, and Canadian audience. Given the global reach of the platform and its adherence to Netflix’s single-release policy, the series will be available in the majority of the regions it serves. Other than the ones listed above, we are not currently aware of any other streaming possibilities.

How Many Episodes Will Expats Have?

Six episodes will make up the first season of Expats. There will be three more episodes in the series once the third one airs. It is not anticipated that Prime Video will alter its schedule. However, we will keep our readers informed through these weekly preview articles in the event that it does.

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What happened in Episodes 1 & 2?


At a yacht party in Hong Kong, Margaret, Clarke, and their three children encounter Mercy, a young Korean waitress. Mercy astonishes them with her interpersonal abilities and even offers to watch the children for the parents anytime they need her. One evening, they accept her offer. Mercy and the others are in the photo, but Clarke isn’t. During their journey through Mongkok’s night market, Mercy momentarily loses focus and loses sight of Gus.

Since then, Gus has disappeared, which has an impact on Margaret and Mercy’s life. The family has struggled to put the tragedy behind them ever since. Clarke is an expat with a contract who works in Hong Kong. The Peak, a building that also accommodates other foreigners, is where the family stays. Prior to the incident, Margaret had a strong relationship with her neighbour Hilary Starr.

Margaret, however, blames David, Hilary’s spouse, as he was at the market the day the girl was abducted. Though it defies logic, the only reason for it is emotion. Margaret, however, extends an invitation to the pair for Clarke’s 50th birthday celebration the night before. Ever since David decided against having children, Hilary and he have been having marital problems.

When they got married, they had made the decision not to have them. Hilary, however, is opposed to moving through with it, which strains their relationship. Ironically, Mercy is having an affair with herself while she goes about her daily life. The birthday party devolves into chaos as Margaret spots Mercy, who flees. Another tragedy strikes at The Peak when Christopher, Hilary’s neighbour, is discovered dead in his flat.

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Expats Episode 3 Release Date & Remaining Schedule
Expats Episode 3 Release Date & Remaining Schedule