Deadpool 3 Plot Synopsis Is Out, Read Now

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Deadpool 3 Plot Synopsis: The first official description of Deadpool 3 has been revealed. Though there are still roughly six months until Wade Wilson and company return to the big screen, new information about Deadpool 3 is steadily making its way to the public through leaks, rumors, and common knowledge. Read the Deadpool 3 plot, cast, and release below.

Marvel Japan Shares Deadpool 3 Plot


The first storyline synopsis for Marvel Studios’ Deadpool 3 was uploaded to the official Marvel website in Japan. Even though it is distinctly obscure, viewers should find it intriguing.

The log line states that the film will alter several known MCU historical events:

It is noteworthy to mention that the aforementioned overview has been translated from Japanese into English. There are occasionally some really intriguing differences as a result of this specific language transfer. It’s possible, then, that the website intended to emphasise that the concept of Deadpool getting his own MCU movie is historic in and of itself, and that the synopsis was only trying to make that point. That doesn’t feel quite like what’s happening here, though. It’s no news that Deadpool 3 will feature Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, and that it will be the first major MCU film to deal with mutant kind.

Deadpool 3 Plot, All You Need to Know

More broadly speaking, there’s a chance that this movie may introduce the X-Men to the main Earth-616 MCU and feature some multiversal, time-space wackiness. Maybe just wishful thinking on the part of certain fans, but as Marvel explores more of its Multiverse, this notion might not turn out to be entirely incorrect. The synopsis seems to suggest that Wolverine is involved in these modifications to history, at the very least. When Marvel Studios’ Deadpool 3 opens in theatres on July 26, fans will know all the details, regardless of how the case actually turns out.

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More About Deadpool 3 Plot And Cast


Marvel fans were agitated when images from the Deadpool 3 set were recently leaked online. Two more prominent characters appear to be returning based on the photographs. One of the stolen images shows Wolverine facing off against Sabretooh, the main antagonist of the Wolverine movie series. Another image shows Deadpool clutching Sabretooth’s severed head, implying that the two prevailed in the fight.

Reports indicate that Toad, another villain from the X-men, will be making a comeback in addition to Sabretooth. The Mirror claims that a performer was seen embodying Toad. In addition, a number of characters from earlier Deadpool movies are anticipated to make a comeback, including Morena Baccarin’s role, Wade’s fiancée Vanessa. Additionally, the publication stated that Leslie Uggams, Karan Soni, Brianna Hildebrand, Shioli Kutsuna, and Stefan Kapičić are also expected to return.

Deadpool 3 Release, Plot, All You Need to Know

Here’s the list of confirmed cast for Deadpool 3 so far:

  • Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson/Deadpool
  • Hugh Jackman as James ‘Logan’ Howlett/Wolverine
  • Morena Baccarin as Vanessa 
  • Brianna Hildebrand as Teenage Negasonic Warhead
  • Stefan Kapičić as Colossus
  • Leslie Uggams as Blind Al
  • Karan Soni as Dopinder
  • Shioli Kutsuna as Yukio
  • Rob Delaney as Peter
  • Jennifer Garner as Elektra Natchios
  • Emma Corrin as TBC
  • Matthew Macfadyen as TBC

There are a few popular characters we won’t see on screen. We shouldn’t expect to see Charlie Cox back to his MCU cameo role. Zazie Beetz will also not return to her role as Domino (Deadpool 2). She also told Decider that she won’t return for more Marvel mayhem.

Deadpool 3 will be out in theatres on Friday, July 26.

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Deadpool 3 Reveals First Official Plot Synopsis
Deadpool 3 Reveals First Official Plot Synopsis