Covid-19 Cases Surge to Over 56,000 In Singapore

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Covid-19 Cases: The first week of this month, from December 3 to December 9, saw a significant increase in COVID cases in Singapore, with an estimated 56,043 infections. Singapore’s health ministry suggested wearing masks in busy areas, especially indoors, after the number of cases spiked. Additionally, travelers were advised to take preventative measures including donning masks at airports and staying away from congested, poorly ventilated locations.

Covid-19 Cases

What did Singapore’s Health Minister say?

According to Singapore’s health ministry, there were 56,043 Covid instances during the first week of December, up from 32,035 the week before. According to the report, the average number of Covid hospital admissions surged to 350 from 225 the previous week, and the average number of cases in the intensive care unit (ICU) increased to nine from four the week before.


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Reason behind the sudden surge in Covid-19 cases in Singapore

JN.1, a sublineage of BA.2.86, which has been identified as the main strain responsible for these illnesses.

Authorities stated, “There is currently no clear indication that BA.2.86 or JN.1 are more transmissible or cause more severe disease than other circulating variants based on the available international and local data.”

In Response to Surging Covid Cases, Singapore has taken certain measure :

Singapore took further action in response to the increase in Covid cases. Among them are the following:

  1. In order to prepare for any emergency, public hospitals are increasing staffing, postponing non-urgent elective treatments, and closing step-down facilities.
  2. At Singapore EXPO Hall 10, a second Covid-19 Treatment Facility (CTF) has opened.
  3. If someone has symptoms of an acute respiratory infection, they are advised to stay at home.
  4. Additionally, the health ministry is disseminating more information on vaccinations.
  5. Daily updates on Covid-19 statistics will also be provided by the Singapore Health Ministry.
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Masks return as Singapore logs over 56,000 Covid-19 cases
Masks return as Singapore logs over 56,000 Covid-19 cases