Anne Hathaway: The Trailer for Mother’s Instinct Is Out Now

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Anne Hathaway: The Trailer for Mother’s Instinct Is Out Now!

Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain feature in the latest trailer for Mothers’ Instinct. The upcoming psychological thriller by Studio Canal set in the ’60s. The film, with two Academy Award winners at its helm, initially portrays a perfect picture until a tragedy disrupts their lives. As the friendship between the characters of Anne Hathaway and Jessice Chastain undergoes a test, both women succumb to their darker impulses. The rise of such projects in recent years, including this one with Hathaway and Chastain, has garnered attention online. Fans seem intrigued by “Mothers’ Instinct,” particularly due to its psychological thriller genre and suburban aesthetics. You can watch the trailer for this Studio Canal project below.

“Neon is a true filmmaker’s haven,” Chastain and producer Kelly Carmichael said when the movie was announced. “Their unique vision and distinctive campaigns are a reflection of their mission to bring the best and most diverse cinematic experience to US audiences. Mothers’ Instinct will be in excellent hands with Tom and the team.”


Cecile Gaget, Anton Films’ President of International Production and Distribution; and CAA Media Finance added, “Mothers’ Instinct could not have found a more perfect home than with Neon. The amazing team brilliantly masterminded the theatrical release and awards strategy on films from Spencer, through to the groundbreaking success of Parasite.”

Mothers’ Instinct Stars Anne Hathaway And Jessica Chastain


The film “Mothers’ Instinct” is based on a novel by Barbara Abel, with the English translation done by Susan Pickford.

Harper Collins describes the story: “David and Laetitia Brunelle and Sylvain and Tiphaine Geniot are inseparable friends and next-door neighbors in a pretty, tranquil suburb. Their sons Milo and Maxime, born in the same year, grow up together as close as brothers. But when Maxime is killed in an accident, their idyllic world shatters. Maxime’s parents, Sylvain and Tiphaine, are consumed by grief and bitterness, while David and Laetitia are wracked with guilt for their role in the tragedy. Soon the couples are barely speaking, although they maintain a polite façade.”

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“Then a mysterious series of “accidents” begins to happen to Milo, raising Laetitia’s suspicions. Are their former best friends trying to punish them by threatening their son? As an increasingly paranoid Laetitia frantically tries to protect Milo from harm, the little civility left between the two families curdles into outward hostility. Is Laetitia just imagining things? Or are Sylvain and Tiphaine secretly conspiring to exact their revenge . . . and if so, who will pay?” – ANNE HATHAWAY AND JESSICA CHASTAIN

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