Amazon Luna: Free Prime Games for February 2024

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Amazon Luna’s Free Prime Games: Originally unveiled in 2020 and initially accessible to a limited audience, Amazon Luna officially debuted on March 1, 2022, in the United States. Subsequently, it extended its availability to the UK, Canada, and Germany. Functioning as a cloud-based service, Amazon Luna provides subscribers with the opportunity to stream a curated collection of games. The library is segmented into channels, each associated with a unique monthly subscription fee.

In addition to the channels, Amazon Luna offers Prime subscribers the privilege of enjoying a selection of free games every month. Typically, the standard offering consists of four titles, though occasional surprises may be included. Given that Amazon Luna relies on a stable internet connection, with a recommended speed of 10 Mbps, Prime members can explore the service through these complimentary titles before delving into the platform’s various channels. The added benefit is that the free games available to Prime subscribers on Amazon Luna are generally of high quality.

Inertial Drift: Twilight Rivals Edition

Amazon Luna Free Prime Games

Inertial Drift may not be the most widely recognized arcade racer available, but this indie title stands out as an excellent representative of the genre. Catering to a specific enthusiast audience, the game places a strong emphasis on the art of drifting, evident from its title. Throughout an engaging story mode, players have the opportunity to take control of a diverse array of cars, each with its own distinctive characteristics and learning curves.

Racing games serve as a robust test for streaming platforms, given their demand for precise inputs, and Inertial Drift is no exception. While not a simulation, the game maintains a rapid pace, allowing only minimal room for error.

Free Prime Games: Inside My Radio

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Choosing Inside My Radio is an intriguing decision. Much like Inertial Drift, this indie game serves as a reliable gauge for testing Amazon Luna’s streaming capabilities, given that players must sync their inputs with the soundtrack. Any substantial input delays could adversely affect the gameplay experience.

Centered around a brief yet pleasurable campaign, Inside My Radio takes players on a music-themed platforming adventure as they endeavor to rescue the titular radio. While not groundbreaking, the game adeptly executes its concept.

Amazon Luna Free Prime Games: Kunai

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In the indie game Kunai, players are thrust into a robot-themed universe in a state of decay, and the protagonist is entrusted with the task of restoring order. This naturally entails embarking on an extensive and challenging adventure filled with platforming and action elements.

Kunai skillfully combines a delightful aesthetic with well-crafted level design, eccentric characters, and commendable world-building. The gameplay is robust, with a significant emphasis on fluid movement.

Garfield Lasagna Party

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Mini-game compilations are plentiful, with most residing in the shadow of Mario Party. Garfield Lasagna Party doesn’t shy away from its inspiration; it presents itself as a simplified iteration of Nintendo’s franchise, featuring the lasagna-loving cat as a replacement for the beloved former plumber.

The game doesn’t offer much novelty, and its multiplayer-centric content may not make it the top choice for an Amazon Luna freebie. This is particularly true since subscribers would need to locate someone interested in playing alongside them.

Amazon Luna Free Prime Games: Trackmania Starter Access

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Ubisoft’s latest Trackmania installment has been in existence for a couple of years, but it officially rolled out on most platforms in 2023. Diverging from the typical racing game format, Trackmania places a strong emphasis on time trials and short tracks, with most laps clocking in at just a few minutes. Despite featuring an online component, players primarily compete against themselves, striving to improve their best times by a second or two.

Trackmania adopts a free-to-play model, offering only a limited amount of content in its base version. The Starter Access edition provides a more substantial experience, ensuring players remain engaged for an extended period.

Amazon Luna’s Free Prime Games will be available between February 1–29, 2024.

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