All of Us Are Dead 2 Release Date, New Update

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All of Us Are Dead 2 Release Date, New Update

All of Us Are Dead 2 Release Date: Recent information might have disclosed the potential release date for Season 2 of All of Us Are Dead. This popular K-drama, available for streaming on Netflix in the United States, has left fans eagerly anticipating the continuation of the story, exploring the fate of a group of high schoolers trapped in a zombie apocalypse.

All of Us Are Dead 2 Release Date


The information surfaced through an Instagram post shared by BH Entertainment, the agency representing Park Ji-hu, the lead actor in the series. In a promotional image highlighting the actress, the talent group included All of Us Are Dead Season 2 in Park’s “2024 lineup,” as translated from Korean to English (the original title being Our School Now).

This marks the inaugural instance of a potential release date being associated with All of Us Are Dead Season 2. While this revelation is not an official announcement, it raises the anticipation that fans might receive updates from the series before the conclusion of 2024. Reports indicate that filming for the series was scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2024. However, as of now, there are no indications that production has been initiated.


According to insider Loftsedfaun on X (formerly Twitter), filming will take place over the “first half of 2024.” 

If filming concludes by the end of June 2024 and Season 2 adheres to a comparable six-month post-production timeline as Season 1, enthusiasts can anticipate the release of the popular Netflix series in early 2025. Nevertheless, if the information shared by BH Entertainment holds, there’s a possibility that the series may make a return before the year concludes, potentially hitting Netflix in late 2024.

All of Us Are Dead 2 Plot

All of Us Are Dead 2 Release Date

Details about the All of Us Are Dead 2 plot are still limited, with little information available on the specific storyline. However, there have been subtle hints and teasers indicating the potential storyline the high school zombie drama may explore in the second season.

According to the series director Lee Jae Gyoo, “The story itself was set with Season 2 in mind, so if Season 2 comes out, it might be a little more interesting and expanded story. If Season 1 was a survival period for humans, there is a sense of humor, but Season 2 feels like it will be a survival period for zombies.”

All of Us Are Dead 2 Plot

While the exact meaning behind Lee’s cryptic tease remains uncertain, it seems to suggest a significant shift in Season 2. The first season primarily portrayed the central group of high schoolers in a defensive stance against the undead.

Season 2 might depict the teenagers taking a more proactive approach, engaging in offensive strategies against the zombies in an attempt to eliminate the blood-thirsty creatures from their world, or at least from their immediate surroundings.

The initial episodes of the series concluded with a cliffhanger, featuring Nam-ra, who is now part zombie and part human, reemerging. The group’s strategy for dealing with their now flesh-craving friend was left unclear. Could Nam-ra play a pivotal role in All of Us Are Dead’s second season? The upcoming chapters might revolve around the quest to locate more of these undead individuals with remnants of humanity, potentially aiming to develop a cure.

You can catch All of Us Are Dead Season 1 on Netflix.

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