All the 6 Upcoming Jacob Elordi Movies And TV Shows

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Upcoming Jacob Elordi Movies: Jacob Elordi made his debut in feature films by portraying Noah Flynn in The Kissing Booth, a teen romantic comedy available on Netflix since its 2018 premiere. The film’s immediate success led to the production of two sequels, both featuring Elordi reprising his role as Noah. This breakthrough performance in The Kissing Booth garnered significant attention for Elordi, opening doors to additional acting opportunities such as his role in Euphoria. In his current venture, Elordi plays the main antagonist, Nate Jacobs, in the HBO drama series, earning him considerable acclaim. Among his other acting credits are The Mortuary Collection, Deep Water, Saltburn, and Priscilla. Below is the list of all the upcoming Jacob Elordi movies.

Upcoming Jacob Elordi Movies: Frankenstein


Jacob Elordi is involved in several upcoming projects, one of which features him portraying the Monster in Netflix’s adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. This film, crafted by Academy Award winner Guillermo del Toro, who serves as the director, writer, and producer alongside J. Miles Dale, promises a unique interpretation of the classic tale. The cast is set to include Oscar Isaac in the role of Victor Frankenstein, along with Mia Goth, Christoph Waltz, Felix Kammerer, Lars Mikkelsen, David Bradley, and Christian Convery.

On Swift Horses

Elordi movies

In the forthcoming drama film “On Swift Horses,” Jacob Elordi is set to take on the role of Julius, directed by Daniel Minahan. Although the movie is currently in post-production and lacks a specific premiere date, it draws its inspiration from Shannon Pufahl’s 2019 book of the same title. The narrative unfolds around newlyweds Lee and Muriel, who seek to establish a settled life after Lee’s return from the Korean War. However, their plans are disrupted by the arrival of Lee’s younger brother, Julius, leading to a complex love triangle. Daisy Edgar-Jones stars as Muriel, while Will Poulter portrays Lee in “On Swift Horses.”

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Upcoming Jacob Elordi Movies: Oh, Canada


Jacob Elordi has recently been cast to portray the younger iteration of Leonard Fife, Richard Gere’s character, in the film “Oh, Canada.” Directed by Paul Schrader and adapted from Russell Banks’ 2021 novel “Foregone,” the movie delves into the life of Leonard, a Canadian-American leftist facing the brink of mortality at 80 due to cancer. Having relocated to Canada to evade the Vietnam War draft, Leonard reflects on his life’s journey in the film.



In May 2021, it was revealed that Jacob Elordi had secured the lead role in “Parallel,” an action thriller directed by Tom Green and produced by Legendary Pictures. The film unfolds in a fictional world where accessing parallel versions of humans is possible, despite the activity being illegal. After the initial announcement of Elordi’s involvement, there has been limited information regarding the progress of “Parallel.” Although details about its current status remain unclear, the action thriller is still listed among Elordi’s upcoming projects on his IMDb page, though it’s important to note that IMDb may not always be the most reliable source for real-time updates.

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Upcoming Jacob Elordi Movies: The Narrow Road To The Deep North

Jacob Elordi Movies

Jacob Elordi appears to be concentrating primarily on movies in 2024 and beyond, but he does have involvement in a couple of television shows. One of these is “The Narrow Road to the Deep North,” an Australian drama miniseries presently in production, with filming commencing in November 2023. Adapted from Richard Flanagan’s 2013 novel with the same title, the series centers around Dorrigo Evans, an Australian doctor and war veteran. Evans grapples with past traumas, notably his experiences as a prisoner of war, as the narrative unfolds.

Euphoria Season 3

Jacob elordi euphoria

Jacob Elordi’s highly anticipated upcoming project is the third season of “Euphoria,” a popular HBO television series. The show has been on hiatus for almost two years, with the season 2 finale airing on February 27, 2022, leaving fans eager for the return of characters like Elordi’s Nate Jacobs, Zendaya’s Rue Bennet, Hunter Schafer’s Jules Vaughn, Sydney Sweeney’s Cassie Howard, and others. The extended gap between seasons has led to speculation that a time jump might be necessary to account for the aging of the actors.

As of January 2024, filming for “Euphoria” season 3 has not yet commenced. However, HBO has confirmed that creator Sam Levinson is actively working on crafting the upcoming episodes. The series boasts a star-studded cast, including Jacob Elordi, making it challenging to coordinate their busy schedules for production to commence. Despite the delays, fans are eagerly awaiting the continuation of the gripping drama. – UPCOMING JACOB ELORDI MOVIES

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