Ageing: Things You Didn’t Know Could Slow Down Ageing

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Ageing: AWho doesn’t enjoy being young forever? Still, a lot of lesser-known habits can make a big difference in slowing down the ageing process. These lifestyle decisions, which go beyond lotions and pills, have a special effect on cultivating a younger, more energetic existence.

10 ways that can slow down ageing:

Cold showers:​

The invigorating shock of a cold shower might do more than wake you up in the morning. Cold showers have been linked to improved circulation, a boosted metabolism, and healthier skin. These benefits not only invigorate the body but also contribute to a more youthful appearance.

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Intermitten Fasting:

The eating pattern known as intermittent fasting, which alternates between periods of eating and fasting, has demonstrated the ability to promote cellular regeneration and repair. Intermittent fasting may help to slow down the ageing process by providing the body with breaks from digestion.


Dancing is a celebration of life as much as it is a physical activity. Frequent dancing enhances mental health in addition to physical fitness, which may lead to a more energetic and youthful spirit.

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​Forest bathing (Shinrin-Yoku):​

Spending time in nature, particularly in lush forests, has been associated with reduced stress, improved mood, and enhanced overall well-being. The practice of forest bathing, known as Shinrin-Yoku, provides a therapeutic connection with nature, contributing to a more youthful state of mind.

Practicing gratitude:​

Regular expression of appreciation has been linked to enhanced mental health and a positive attitude on life. A more youthful and upbeat viewpoint can be influenced by the simple act of recognising and enjoying life’s blessings.

Playing musical instruments:​

The joy of learning and playing musical instruments extends beyond creating beautiful melodies. Engaging in musical activities may stimulate cognitive functions, contributing to cognitive health and maintaining a youthful mind.


As they say, the best medicine is laughter. Frequent laughter has been linked to greater general health, less stress levels, and happier moods. In addition to lifting one’s spirits, a good chuckle helps one to keep a positive, youthful perspective on life.

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Social connections:​

Building and nurturing strong social connections has proven benefits beyond companionship. It has been linked to increased lifespan and improved well-being. The power of social bonds can play a vital role in slowing down the effects of aging.

Mindful eating:​

Savouring each bite and focusing on the flavours, textures, and aromas of food are all part of mindful eating. This routine can result in better eating habits, which might enhance general wellbeing and possibly hasten the ageing process.

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Things you didn’t know could slow down ageing
Things you didn’t know could slow down ageing