8 Peaky Blinders Characters Who Can Return In New Spinoffs

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8 Peaky Blinders Characters Who Can Return In New Spinoffs

Peaky Blinders Characters: The Peaky Blinders tale hasn’t ended yet because the film adaptation is still a few months away, but there’s a chance some of the characters will make a comeback according to claims that Netflix will produce two spinoffs of the British crime thriller. The two new Peaky Blinders spinoffs still have the opportunity to tell the stories of important and supporting characters who have previously been in the parent series, even though the Peaky Blinders movie will undoubtedly bring Tommy, Arthur, and Ada Shelby’s story to a suitable finish. The backdrop of the spinoffs greatly influences who they could be; this is particularly true for the prequel spinoff.

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Polly Gray from Peaky Blinders and the scant details surrounding the Boston spinoffs nearly guarantee the reappearance of certain characters. As Polly is the focal point of the spinoff and the Shelby family, her reappearance may bring back a few characters from Peaky Blinders that the main cast of the parent series only allowed its protagonists to tell—such as Tommy’s parents and grandparents.

On the other hand, given that the Boston spinoff will take place a few decades after the events of Peaky Blinders, it may continue to be more mysterious. Even if they did so in a different capacity, the setting in terms of time and place suggests that some of the younger Peaky Blinders characters might make a comeback.

Peaky Blinders: Two Spin-offs Are Being Made By Netflix

Peaky Blinders Characters: Younger Polly Gray


Polly Gray is the focus of one of the Peaky Blinders spinoffs, therefore it’s quite likely that her character will return. Stories about Polly’s past on Peaky Blinders ensure that any aspect of her life might be interesting enough to be the focus of the Peaky Blinders spinoff, whether it gave insights into her teenage years or her early adulthood as the head of the syndicate while Tommy and Arthur fought WWI. Although not much is known outside of the spinoff centered on the matriarch of the group. But concentrating on her early years might allow the Peaky Blinders spinoff to include feature significant Shelbys that were only previously mentioned, such as Polly’s father or Birdie Boswell.

Younger Charlie Strong


Charlie Strong could return in the spinoff because of his affiliation with the Shelby crime family, which has kept him alive during season 1 and as one of the characters working for the Shelbys. Charlie was there for the Shelbys when he was younger, even though his contribution to Tommy’s business establishment and the expansion of their criminal empire under Tommy’s direction has been crucial. As seen by his admission in season 5, episode 6, that he was already connected to the Shelbys in another way, a Polly spinoff portraying her early years would probably feature the Shelbys’ enduring ally.

Peaky Blinders Characters: Older Alfie Solomons


In the Peaky Blinders season 6 finale, Tommy hinted that he could back out of his opium agreement with Jack Nelson, saying he would have gone to the Solomons in East Boston if Nelson hadn’t followed through, paving the way for a potential return of Alfie Solomons. Although the series successfully positioned Alfie in the early 20th-century London fabric, his family’s existence in Boston may allow him to appear in the Peaky Blinders Boston spinoff, particularly given that it is purportedly set in the mid-century. Audiences would see an older Alfie Solomons in this, but even a one-time appearance like this may keep the spinoff’s connection to Peaky Blinders intact.

Younger Chester Campbell


One of the many tales Polly related about her time in Peaky Blinders concerned her family’s frequent visits to the woods, particularly during her father’s escapes from the law. Although in the first episode of Peaky Blinders, Inspector Chester Campbell appeared to be investigating the missing firearms consignment in Birmingham from a distance, his 35-year police career makes him a possible adversary of the Shelbys who came before Arthur and Tommy. In the Peaky Blinders Polly spinoff, he may make a one-time appearance as a green policeman, re-entangling his narrative with the Shelbys before turning into one of their greatest enemies.

Older Gina Gray


Although Gina Gray is expected to appear in the upcoming Peaky Blinders movie due to her role as the Shelbys’ most cunning adversary in seasons 5 and 6, her past makes her a strong contender to return in the Boston spinoff. Since Gina was raised in a wealthy criminal family and is from Boston, it seems likely that she will make a comeback in the Boston spinoff. This is especially true given that her conflict with the Shelbys only grew more intense after Tommy killed Michael in the sixth-season conclusion of the show. Nevertheless, the spinoff might portray an elderly Gina as a Nelson matriarch, feeding her animosity toward the Shelby heirs.

Peaky Blinders Characters: Younger Johnny Dogs


Johnny Dogs has been with the Shelbys from season 1 to season 6, along with Charlie Strong. Although he started off as a devoted employee, he has essentially become a member of their extended family. But since he and Charlie appeared to be a part of the Shelby crime family for many years, and because Peaky Blinders repeatedly hinted that he was Charlie’s relative, the Peaky Blinders Polly spinoff may feature a younger version of him. This may provide additional context for Johnny Dogs’ background and his ascent through the criminal underworld, particularly in light of Peaky Blinders’ portrayal of him as the Shelbys’ devoted assistant.

Older Duke Shelby


Even though Tommy also gave a speech to his natural son Charles, his illegitimate son Duke Shelby was revealed to be his keeper of secrets regarding the criminal enterprise during Tommy’s farewell meal with his family in Peaky Blinders season 6. But Duke became a major factor in the syndicate’s future thanks to his rapid climb to prominence in Peaky Blinders. Duke’s presence would be the most likely, and his presence in Boston wouldn’t be too far-fetched because Tommy already established the Shelbys’ presence there in season 6, especially if the Peaky Blinders Boston spinoff were to follow the Shelby heirs decades after Tommy and Arthur led the criminal business.

Peaky Blinders Characters: Older Charlie Shelby


The family dinner in Season 6 also suggested that Duke and Charles Shelby, Tommy’s successors but in very different capacities, would be at odds. Given that the Boston spinoff is set a few decades after the events of the main series, Duke and Charles would likely still be alive. However, given how Tommy set them up in the season 6 finale, their differing roles may pit them against one another, particularly if their goals were to differ from Tommy’s choices. Charles might easily move to Boston through their business activities, and their conflict could provide the ideal platform for showcasing the Shelbys’ continued existence.

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