7 Best Anime Series Based in a Post-Apocalypse World

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Best Anime Series: Fans are most excited by well-written post-apocalyptic stories. Although the motif has been adapted for the big screen in films and TV series, anime is responsible for some incredibly striking depictions of a planet on the verge of annihilation. There are scenes of intense brutality and massive destruction, thus this genre isn’t easy on the eyes. However, anime studios reinvent apocalyptic futures in a way that is both inventive and captivating.

These post-apocalyptic anime episodes, which range from humans fighting Titans in Attack on Titan to teens fighting zombies in High School of the Dead, highlight the depth of human strife and desire that is amplified when the world ends. They also act as a warning that, in the event of a global disaster, humanity is still far too frail and susceptible.

Twenty of the greatest anime shows that creatively and thoughtfully depict the final collapse of society are included in this list. These shows are well known for their amazing animation, character development, and dystopian plot potential.

These 7 Best Anime Series That Take Place in a Post-Apocalypse World

7. Heavenly Delusion (2023)


Tokyo was devastated and left in ruins fifteen years ago due to a major calamity. Now that the area had been cleared of people, a group of enigmatic animals roamed it. In a remote facility where kids received the best care and were shielded from the outside world, civilization managed to flourish. Two survivors who are outside the facility boundaries looking for the alleged “heaven” are Maru and Kiruko.

Heavenly Delusion, the most recent anime on this list, is a composed, sensitive, and occasionally overpowering series. The underlying plot of The Last of Us, which has two reluctant strangers come together in search of a safe location, will resemble The Last of Us for fans. The series’ nuanced characters and mysterious imagery enhance its overall quality and eventually become bingeworthy. 

6. Trigun (1998)


Trigun is based on the Yasuhiro Nightow manga series, which centres on an outlaw known as “Vash the Stampede.” Known for demolishing entire cities and any obstacle in his path, Vash is wanted for $60 billion and is the target of a double dollar bounty. Vash, in spite of his image, is a giant softie who defends human life and goes up against the shady criminal underworld in No Man’s Land by himself.

5. Black Bullet (2014)


Ironically, the story of Black Bullet takes place in 2021 and centres on a virus called “Gastrea,” which has infected people and transformed them into vicious monsters. Tokyo has erected a wall around its citizens. Additionally, the virus has given rise to “Cursed Children,” who are essentially girls with trace amounts of the virus in their blood; instead of mutating, the infection gives them superhuman talents that they utilise to compete with the monsters.

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Black Bullet receives the most points because its main protagonists are a group of all-female characters. The show elevates its usage of the conventional vampire/zombie fare by infusing it with nuance, passion, and creativity. The main characters, Rentaro and Enju, go on dangerous missions and indulge in combat showcasing resilience.

4. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (2016)


One of the most visceral anime shows ever made is by Wit Studio. Using the same method, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress becomes an utterly epic series instead of just a “good” one. A virus outbreak during the industrial revolution transformed mankind into zombie-like monsters, with one bite from an infected person turning the other into a zombie as well. On the island of Hinomoto, where Ikoma has created a weapon that will finally put an end to the Kabane, survivors have constructed an unbreakable wall.

3. Seraph of the End (2015)


Seraph of the End is a revenge story rather than a survivalist drama. It begins with a mystery illness that wipes out every person above the age of 13. All that’s left are youngsters held as slaves by vampires who are desperate for dominance. Two lads who organise a rebellion are Yuuichirou and Mikaela Hyakuya, who are among the survivors. However, the death of one drives the other insane with retaliation.

2. High School of the Dead (2010)


Watching teenagers battle their way out of a zombie apocalypse—does it ever grow old? The plot of High School of the Dead centres around the start of a strange epidemic that turns people into monsters that are ravenous for human flesh. Takashi Kimuro and Rei Miyamoto are two of the adolescents who have to battle to survive as the zombies infiltrate a high school while simultaneously attempting to avoid becoming infected.

1. Attack on Titan (2013)

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It’s hardly necessary to introduce Attack on Titan, one of the best-loved anime shows ever. The story’s post-apocalyptic concept is shaped by the arrival of enormous humanoids known as Titans, who start consuming people one by one as the survivors flee behind a high wall that keeps the giants out. Eren takes part in the main battle as the humans fight to the death in the event that a Colossal Titan breaks the wall.

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7 Best Anime Series That Take Place in a Post-Apocalypse World
7 Best Anime Series That Take Place in a Post-Apocalypse World