6 Best Anime Series to Watch On Netflix Right Now

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Top 6 Anime Series to Binge Watch On Netflix

Best Anime Series: These days, anime series are hugely popular, and a huge number of people are captivated by the flawless storytelling in these programs. So, we’ve gathered a list of six anime that you can see in one sitting on Netflix before the new year.

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Attack On Titan


In Attack on Titan, humanity struggles to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where they are locked behind enormous walls and must fight off terrifying creatures known as Titans. Our protagonist Eren sees the beginning of the story as the destruction of his town. And, the terrible death of his mother in a Titan attack. Motivated by a fierce need for vengeance, Eren enlists in a secret military unit dedicated to fighting Titans. He discovers with horror that he is capable of changing into a Titan himself. The riddles get deeper: What does this signify, and who are these mysterious Titans exactly? Discover the solutions as the compelling story develops.

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Violet Evergarden

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Netflix is presently offering Violet Evergarden, a well-known anime series with stunning visuals and gripping stories, for viewing. The compelling film and 13-episode anime tell the tale of Violet Evergarden, a kuudere woman who lost both of her arms in a recent conflict and now wears mechanical prosthetics. Violet assumed the role of an Auto Memory Doll and began typing messages for her clients, exploring their aspirations, deep loss, and fantasies. Tears maybe shed by this touching animation as it skillfully combines several subjects. Visit Netflix right now to discover Violet Evergarden’s emotional journey.

Devilman Crybaby

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Devilman Crybaby is one of the greatest Netflix original series since it’s unlike any other anime. This anime is based on the Devilman manga from 1972. It bravely conveys the unnerving essence of demons through graphic and explicit images. Even if Devilman Crybaby leaves you feeling uneasy, it is an engrossing anime that demands attention.

Best Anime Series: Death Note

Death Note

In Death Note, we follow the adventures of Light Yagami, a bright young man who finds a mysterious notebook that has the lethal ability to write someone’s name on it and cause that person to die. Death Note stands out in the anime scene despite its initially grim and edgy theme. It presents a surprisingly intricate and intriguing plot that crosses genres. The show explores Light’s amazing journey from a doubtful teenager to a power-hungry figure who resembles a deity, and finally, how he descends into the depths of villainy. This development stands out as one of the most compelling character arcs in anime.

One Punch Man

One Punch Man

One-Punch Man is a lighthearted spoof on shonen anime and superhero clichés, centered around Saitama, a hero whose superhuman strength allows him to vanquish every foe with a single blow. Although the idea appears simple, the show is surprisingly complex and offers more than simply quick wins. In his quest to become a hero, Saitama struggles with boredom and dissatisfaction despite his unmatched abilities. But establishing relationships, like with his friend Genos, seems a little relieving. One-Punch Man is a wonderful and engaging film that blends humor and explosive action, particularly its excellent combat scenes.

Best Anime Series: Cowboy Bebop

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Cowboy Bebop, hailed as the height of anime, is not just a Netflix original series that defies genre conventions but also skillfully combines humor, action, drama, and adventure into a cohesive story. Enter the captivating world of bounty hunter Spike Spiegel and his motley crew as they traverse the vast cosmos in search of bounties while resolving complex personal histories. Cowboy Bebop exhibits a distinct style and a memorable soundtrack in just 26 episodes. It’s not just a show that you should watch; it’s an adventure that goes beyond traditional anime and will captivate both longtime viewers and casual viewers. – BEST ANIME SERIES

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