5 K-Dramas Like Sky Castle to Watch Next, Read Now

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K-dramas like Sky Castle: With its flawless portrayal of the soap opera melodrama that is so essential to the genre, the 2018 K-drama series Sky Castle became a success. The show, which was based in a posh neighbourhood of Seoul, followed a group of dedicated and ambitious moms as they made every effort to get their kids into the best colleges possible.

With captivating characters and well-balanced plotlines that provided the ideal blend of drama and comedy, along with all the thrilling K-drama aspects like secret backstories and the like, the show did a fantastic job bringing the concept to life. Furthermore, the show was able to promote better parenting without detracting from the central theme of the series thanks to the presence of really kind-hearted individuals.

5 K-Dramas Like Sky Castle

1. K-drama: The Glory


One of the most well-known Korean dramas in recent memory, The Glory centres on a group of well-known people and tells the tale of bullying and retaliation. The reticent Moon Dong-eun (played by Song Hye-kyo) experiences severe bullying at the hands of the school’s most popular clique at the start of the series’ events in 2006. She will be permanently scarred by the events.

She then decides that she will take all necessary steps to exact her retribution in the future. Years later, after all of her previous bullies have achieved success in their own manner, Dong-eun resurfaces in their lives carrying a sophisticated plot to get even.

2. K-drama like Sky Castle: The Last Empress 


With 52 episodes in total, The Last Empress is one of the longest programmes on this list. This drama, which was written by the same person who wrote The Penthouse, centres on the familial dynamics of the Korean royal family of today. The main character, Oh Sunny, is played by Jang Na-ra. She is a theatre actress from the common class who rises to the top of society after the emperor decides to marry her. Once there, she must make her way via a treacherous road because the royal palace is populated by poisonous family members and cunning, ambitious nannies.

3. K-drama: Graceful Friends


In this dramatic murder mystery, Graceful Friends ups the ante on the intrigue surrounding the individuals’ common pasts. This K-drama, which was fashioned after Sky Castle, centres on a close-knit group of prosperous friends who have a common past spanning two decades. It starts when one day a murder occurs among them, upsetting their normal routine. The intricate links that all of the main characters had with the deceased then start to be gradually revealed via the programme.

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As they go along, their complicated past together also surfaces, bringing old grudges over past romantic relationships and more to light. Graceful Friends masterfully creates tension and intrigue, with everyone of the main characters having a similar motivation to commit a murder.

4. K-drama like Sky Castle: Extracurricular


Extracurricular, the only programme on this list that isn’t centred around a group of well-known families, has emerged as one of the more well-liked K-dramas on Netflix. Rather, it is a superb criminal thriller driven by the same forces of rivalry, money, and secrets.

The drama centres on the illegal activities of Kim Dong-hee’s character, Oh Ji-soo, and is set in a high school. Despite appearing to be a perfect student, Ji-soo is actually from a poor family and makes ends meet by working covertly as a security guard for sex workers. Everything in his dual existence is going well until the day a classmate eventually finds out and starts using his secret to blackmail him for her own gain.

5. K-drama: Class of Lies


Class of Lies is a murder mystery that takes place in an affluent school and is rooted in the murky underbelly of the educational system, where extreme bullying, manipulation, and corruption are commonplace. The popular Chunmyung High School student Jeong Soo-ah was found dead in her own bed, with her lover and classmate Kim Han-soo holding the knife. This is how the K-drama opens.

In the main part, Yoon Kyun-sang plays renowned lawyer Gi Moo-hyeok, who is tasked with defending Han-soo. However, he is quickly thrown under the bus to offset all the bad publicity the institution was getting after mishandling his defence. He chooses to solve the case himself, going undercover as a teacher, in a last-ditch effort to salvage his career. Deeper plots are discovered there, beginning with the existence of a covert organisation of powerful students who frequently falsify school records to increase their chances of getting into elite universities.

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5 K-Dramas Like Sky Castle to Watch Next
5 K-Dramas Like Sky Castle to Watch Next