The 5 Best Episodes of Justice League Unlimited, Ranked

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Best Episodes of Justice League Unlimited: DC Animated Universe’s Justice League Unlimited lasted from 2004 to 2006. A straight follow-up to Justice League, Unlimited introduced several significant modifications, the most significant of which was the addition of a considerably larger cast of heroes beyond the original seven. Highlights included the introduction of a new generation of fans to lesser-known and more obscure DC heroes such as Vigilante, Shinning Knight, Booster Gold, The Question, Huntress, and Fire and Ice, as well as fan favourites like Aquaman, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Vixen, and Supergirl.

Leaning into the huge world of DC Comics past and present, the programme excelled in introducing a large cast of DC characters and enabling the series to convey more meaningful stories. This gave the Justice League the ability to travel across time, explore other worlds, battle enigmatic opponents, and partake in the antics of long-forgotten heroes and villains from the golden age. New stories and opportunities accompany new heroes. Let’s look at a few of Justice League Unlimited’s greatest episodes.

5. Best Episodes of Justice League Unlimited: Destroyer (Season 3, Episode 13)


In the series finale, a resurrected Darkseid leads his troops to Earth with the intention of killing Superman in addition to transforming Earth into a second Apokolips. In this action-packed episode, villains and heroes work together to neutralise Darkseid’s shared menace. Highlights of the action-packed scene include Batman being the only person to ever avoid Darkseid’s Omega Beams, a recognisable face making a comeback, and Superman giving Darkseid a memorable beatdown.

Superman’s “world of cardboard” speech is arguably the best bit of dialogue that Man of Steel has ever spoken, and the writing is still excellent. The excitement of teaming up heroes and villains creates some fantastic new dynamics and demonstrates that, despite their evil nature, even the DCAU’s antagonists will resist Darkseid’s evil. This show ended on a high note, and the last scene in which viewers saw the breadth of the franchise and all the many heroes rushing made for a fitting end to an epic series.

4. Flash and Substance (Season 3, Episode 5)


Wally and Batman fight Flash’s Rogue Galaxy, which includes Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold, Mirror Master, and Trickster, while Orion from the New Gods deals with Flash’s shenanigans. Orion gradually learns why people like the speedster as the three battle the Rogues in an attempt to thwart the opening of the Flash museum in Central City.

This episode is a tribute to The Flash’s history, incorporating many aspects from the comic books and offering the Rogue Gallery an opportunity to display its distinct brand of criminal activity. To amp up the drama and humor of the episode, the production also welcomed back Mark Hamill as the Trickster. It’s a rather moving scene when Wally shows compassion to Trickster in the pub scene and eventually convinces him to surrender himself. The outsider’s ability to observe Central City from a different perspective is also advantageous to The Flash, whose irritating and innocent demeanor at times makes him a great role model for the solemn Orion.

3. Best Episodes of Justice League Unlimited: Question Authority (Season 2, Episode 9)


The first installment of the four-part Cadmus finale features the Question and Huntress robbing Cadmus of a hard drive with a wealth of private data, including a film showing Superman using heat vision to kill Lex Luthor in a parallel realm. The self-described “crackpot,” Question, determines to murder Luthor before Superman can because he thinks the events of that timeline are happening in this one.

On this programme, Question was always a lot of fun, and Jeffrey Combs did a fantastic job voicing him. The best part in the episode is when Question confronts Superman about this parallel version of himself. There is some fantastic back and forth between the two. Sadly, Question’s effort to assassinate Luthor is unsuccessful, but Huntress and Superman band together to free him from the Cadmus facility. With Captain Atom, who has been accepted back into the Air Force and is now ready to face Superman, the episode closes on a fantastic cliffhanger. This amazing episode has moments when it seems less like a superhero show and more like a political conspiracy thriller.

2. Alive! (Season 3, Episode 12)


Who would have thought that the Justice League would appear in one of the best episodes hardly at all? Rather, the villains are the focus of this episode, particularly the conflict between Gorilla Grodd and Lux Luthor over leadership of the Legion of Doom. All of the fights are excellent, with a true sense that either side may win. Grodd is utilising his telepathic abilities to cause chaos, and Luthor and he are engaging in some amazing mind games.

This episode is also quite depressing. Every one of Grodd’s supporters is launched into space, and one of Luthor’s most devoted supporters is sacrificed in an effort to use her to revive Brainiac.

1. Best Episodes of Justice League Unlimited: Divided We Fall (Season 2, Episode 11)


To stop Luthor and Brainiac from merging to become a living god, the Justice League must act. The last episode of the four-part Cadmus finale goes all out, with the original seven League members being the only heroes capable of stopping Luthor. This is where it all comes together, from worries about Superman behaving like his Justice Lord counterpart to the Justice League’s function. Luthor summons android versions of the Justice Lords along with the evil Flash to battle the original seven in a battle that is truly amazing to watch.

This episode will appeal to fans of The Flash, whose passing is predicted to usher in a terrifying future, as he uses the Speed Force to split Brainiac and Luthor apart. The most memorable part of the show, however, is when the original Justice League members unite to create a human chain that will enable Flash to return from the Speed Force. The idea that these characters are strong individually but stronger as a team runs throughout the entire series.

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Green Arrow and the DC Universe’s remarks, reminding him of all the good he has done and will continue to do, are what convince Superman to stay on the team after a particularly depressing season when it seems like the team may disintegrate. 

This episode earns a well-deserved spot as Justice League Unlimited‘s best episode.

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The 5 Best Episodes of Justice League Unlimited, Ranked
The 5 Best Episodes of Justice League Unlimited, Ranked